The Battle Of The Sexes!

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The battle of the sexes does still exist!

Even in the 21st century! And one has to wonder - will this ever change?

Women are still being paid less than men in the workforce. In fact, women are being paid, on average, 80% of an equivalent man's wage, even those with the same education, same experience and same qualification,

As a woman, I find this SO distasteful! 

When you think about it - there are more women graduates and more women being the primary breadwinners in a household.

Yes, there are more female leaders in the workplace and in high positions of authority. But are they receiving the same remuneration as if a man were occupying the position?

I suggest the answer is an emphatic - NO!

So - will there ever be equality on male to female wages in the workplace?

The research points out that this is not likely in the near future.

Women have been fighting this battle for a very long time...and I for one am pleased I no longer have to fight my way up the corporate ladder. 

I did exactly that for most of my adult life and where did that get me?

It affected my health to the point of needing medication to regulate my high blood pressure. 

I had numerous tests on my heart to try and establish why I was experiencing heart palpitations on a daily basis.

The stress of the daily working life over the years caused these affects on my body. And it can cause issues for you too ... I certainly hope it doesn't.

Can you relate to any of this??    Male or female!

These types of medical conditions do not discriminate between the sexes.

I chose my health over my ambition to fight for equality! It was just too big a price to pay.

So I decided to re-skill and re-invent myself. 

And now I am empowered!

I am healthy!

No more medication needed to regulate high blood pressure!

No more heart palpitations.

I am fulfilled!

This is exactly the medicine I needed to turn my life around and be healthy again.

How are you feeling??

If you need to re-evaluate where you are in your life, then get in touch with us.

Trish and Chris

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