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SO, my second day into Affiliate Marketing and feeling very inspired. 
I posted my first AD today ! Which was incredibly exciting and nerve racking. If you want tips on how to affiliate market go here This company is educational and talks about eveyrthing and anything when it comes to affiliate marketing. 
Come two weeks ago and I didnt even know what affiliate marketing was. And here two weeks in I have undergone some incredibly training and have posted my first add. Did you know that with affiliate marketing you can litterally support other companies that you align with and get finanial incentive for doing so? Its like you start your little personal essential flavour with who you are and what you like, love, have a passion for and you can market that out to the world, enjoy doing so and get paid. 
How beautiful is that.Will keep the blogs flowing on my unfoldment with affiliate marketing.  
With Care,

Natasha - thelaptopessentials

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