The gift of sight....

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Day 9 Sight

Since I was very young I have needed the assistance of glasses to read.

Yes, I was the recipient of various nicknames whenever I tried to wear them in school as were the other two kids in my class.undefined

I hated wearing glasses at school, yet when I was home, I eagerly reached for them.

At Sunday School I loved to hear stories from the missionaries in deepest Africa, so, when my chores were done I would don my glasses and reach for an adventure book. So, I have always used reading glasses.

Recently I have moved into the world of graduated lenses- teetering warily as I go down the stairs- feeling slight giddy when I roll my eyes too quick and developing a distinct crick in my neck when looking for items on the shelves in the supermarket.


In the international airport main lounge I found that I couldn’t read the arrival and departure screen so I had to download the app for my phone.

Today, I am about to go to the optometrist for new prescription lens.

Even though I have worn glasses since childhood, until recently, I took my distance vision for granted- in fact I never expected that I couldn’t see some things wearing glasses.

Helen Keller could never remember seeing but she learned how to 'see' with her other senses. While her images of sunrise and sunset were different to mine, the feelings of euphoria and joy brought about imagining them, I am sure will be the same. Through storytelling and writing, people can see the world, see into people’s lives and see out towards the future.


I try not to complain about my failing sight, because I still can read, maybe not as much as I used to because my eyes tire more easily.

And I can still see and feel the glorious sunrise and sunset every day.

Today I am grateful for the gift of sight so that I may continue to learn enjoy and dream about life around me through what I see through the printed word.

What are you grateful for today?

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