The Greatest Day, is the Day you use to Live!

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What is a Great Day in Online Business? 

Is it to do a big sale? To make the greatest Advertisement? To launch a new Homepage? Or is it when you look out in the morning and see that this day is perfect to go to the beach? And then you do it! Because You Can!

Today when I sat in my Garden, I came to the conclusion that a Great Day in Online Business is that I can decide what to do. And I can also reschedule without a discussion with a boss. So I can go to the Beach on a sunny day, and just Live! 

It is not the Beach on a Paradise Island, but it is MY Paradise! I love it! And every day, I feel lucky to live where I live and to have this wonderful nature as my working place.

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Where is Your Paradise? How often are you at your Paradise? 

Bye for now, 


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