The Top 3 Habits to Maximize your Energy

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You know that feeling- you wake up exhausted, fatigued, and lazy. You need to get up for work or school, so you stumble up to the bathroom and as every thought passes by, your stress levels increase- worrying about work that needs to get done and people you have to talk to that you wish you didn't need to. You nearly fall asleep mid afternoon so you drown yourself in coffee, then slink back home to lay in front of the television. Another late and sleepless night passes and it all happens again.

Do you want to break this cycle?

Follow me as I highlight my top 3 habits to maximize your energy today.

Habit 1- How you wake up

The pinnacle of our day and creativity begins with waking up. The top successful people have diligent morning routines and get up at the crack of dawn or before to work, but you do not need that to tailor energy into your life. 

When you wake up, you shouldn't look straight at your phone messages or emails. Actually, doing so decreases morning productivity by 20-30%! Instead, do fifteen minutes of morning stretching, yoga, or other energy exercise you prefer doing. Having this habit at the start of your morning primes you to get everything done without near as much stress, and you feel better when you accomplish your daily tasks. 

Also, your morning should be filled with water. As you sleep, your body loses hydration and you need to replenish it as soon as you wake. Drinking water has a plethora of other health benefits as well such as weight loss and appetite control.

Habit 2- Resting throughout the day

As you get your work done or if you are doing a lot of studying, it is important to renew your mind and body every so often. A simple habit of working for 45 minutes and resting for 10 minutes can give you a boost in mental performance and allows you to maintain focus for longer periods of time. However, this can be sabotaged if you spend this rest time on distractions. Prioritize hydration, light exercise or meditation to keep the energy vibrant throughout the work day.

You should also have a good hour in the middle of the day or early evening to rest from activity and keep yourself at a heightened state of energy. Take 30 minutes and go for a nice nature walk, the oxygen will enhance your mind's focus and energize your organs and keep them healthy. Afterwards, meditate to balance your mind and de-stress yourself so that you will be able to calm your evening down with ease.

Habit 3- A high quality sleep

The last energy habit concerns a healthy sleep routine. Most of the world is lacking sleep and has been conditioned to run on 4-6 hours, which is below par for your energy needs. Tonight, prioritize yourself to sleep atleast an extra hour. When you increase your sleep like this, your cognitive functions will improve 20%, which is linked to your motor functions as well as memory recollection and retention.

To get better quality of sleep, try turning off all of your digital screens and devices an hour before sleeping. Turning down the levels of light while blocking stand-by lights and screens reduces bluelight, a spectrum of light that messes with your brain's chemicals and hormones- causing you to experience a lack of sleep. Replace this time with reading a book or more meditation to calm your body and your eyes. 

Bonus Habit

Smile more. Yes it is that easy- smiling suggests to our subconcious feelings of happiness and positivity, which in turn heightens our energy states. Smiling more will also make other people more receptive and friendly to you, so there are bonuses all around!

If you incorporate these various habits into yoru daily life, you will experience a fruitful energy life, and you will maintain a vibrant state that other people will notice wherever you walk around. As a recap, wake up with water in hand while doing some stretches, meditate and rest throughout the day after certain periods of productive work, and end the day with a longer and better quality of sleep. 

Comment below your energy habits below and share to see what other's do for their energy lives. Take a peek at my other blogs for personal development, skills for success, and doorways of opportunities to get you the life you deserve. Thanks for reading!

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