Things you should know about your immune system

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Your immune system protects you from a variety of foreign invaders and if it is well maintained can combat the majority of things that is thrown at it. But sometimes it gets weakened and that’s generally when we get ill.

So I want to cover a few things you can do to keep a strong immune system and as usual I’ll be giving my pragmatic, multi-faceted approach. So what you put in your body physically, psychological and spiritually all has an effect.


So it’ll come as no surprise that nutrition is a major part of our immune system and there are some things that you should and shouldn’t eat.  


1.       Processed crap, as it has poor bioavailability and doesn’t provide your body with the nutrition is needs. There are all sorts of bad things in our convenience foods like Aspartame and Mono Sodium Glutamate. None of these are good for your body. Click here for some of the worst offenders.

2.       Large amounts of carbohydrates. The immune system has been shown to plummet due to the insulin spike damaging something called Treg cells of the immune system. You can read more about it here.


1.       Eat lots of fresh vegetables and some fruit so you don’t get too much fructose (no more than 15g per day). This will ensure that you get the vitamins you need like vitamin C which works in conjunction with Zinc so you need that as well. Click here for some good tips.

2.       Probiotics – You gut flora is crucial to you immune system and some researchers believe it accounts for up to 80% of your immune systems strength. Your best sources of probiotics are fermented vegetables like Sauerkraut. Fermented raw dairy is good but beware of most commercial products full of sugar that counteract the positive effects. Beware that anti-biotics as the name implies, can wipe out your gut flora and leave you vulnerable.


I’ve discussed this before in previous blogs. You have to very careful about what you say to yourself. You’re unconscious mind controls your immune system and if it thinks that it is beneficial to you it can lower your immune system to allow you to get ill. The example I use is when you keep saying to yourself how much you hate your job and how you don’t want to do it anymore. When you use unspecific language like not wanting to do your job anymore the unconscious may find a way of achieving that by lowering your immune system so you get ill.  You then have to go sick from work. Try and state what you want in the positive and not the negative. Keeping positive in general aids health.


Research has shown that your mood aka your state has an impact on your immune system. Good mods like joy, happiness and laughter and been proven to boost your immune system. Hence the term “laughter is the best medicine”. Having a purpose and aspirations also help.

The opposite moods like depression and especially anger have the opposite effect. Ever noticed how angry people always catch bugs and colds. Anger is the body’s way of diverting all your energy into you taking action. It has to take that energy from somewhere and your immune system foots the bill.

I hope you got some useful tips out of this and feel free to make some comments.

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