This Power Inside Of You

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There is Power inside of you.  There was not one thing made in this world that was not first imagined.Everything was once we call it a reality but it all came from the power of the mind, Imagination.

This is the Power of God within you. You are a creator of your own reality!


Everything you have has once been imagined, the clothes your wearing had to be imagined before it became the thing you call now a dress...the chair you are sitting and everything else that you can see in your room.

You don't have to accept this Power Inside of you....It is your choice (btw, choice is power) Millions and billions believe God is outside of themselves.

But the True God is within you and is within your human Imagination! Man is all Imagination and God is Man. God exist in us and we in God. The eternal body of man is Imagination and that is God Himself. How does that make you feel?

I will like to introduce you to your self and that self is God. Try this and see that it will not  Prove its self in the not too distant future because there is no limit of the This Power Inside of You:


  • Ask for what you want....and believe it will be given . 

What ever we ask of God will be Accomplished! It even says so in the bible (Mark 11 verse 24) But of who do we ask? I ask of God.... which IS my Imagination.

  • I bring before my mind's eye that I am as I would like to be and all of my friends is of how I like them to be

I try to frame it in the frame work the Golden Rule:" Do onto others what I would like to do onto me" and not to go outside of that, this is an easy rule. Will I like the Good I ask of them?...Yes, I will ask the good for myself as I would for them.

  • Bring them or what you want before your mind's Eye and Dare to assume that what you are seeing is true!


There is a definite technique to this ...A simple simple technique. It allows me a business that turns me on!( btw..If you wanna know how click here) and It saved my marriage. It Works!

  • I will bring them or what I want into my mind's eye and bring my self into an emotional state (see link below) and FEEL THE WAY I WOULD AS IF I ALREADY RECIEVED IT. (I capped that last part of the sentance because it's an important part of the process) and
  • I breath in and out in a particular rhythm (check out suggested links below) and finally I reach a certain point and with one deep deep inhalation as I am setting up for time explosure (yes! this is a made up before my own mind. I take another deep inhalation and then every pore of my being explodes
  • I do nothing else after that. I allow, I surrender ...I then let go...for I know. It is done, this is called trust and faith!


Its taking that person, that event, that scene of what ever you want and setting it up before a time explosure for that external event and I explode it!  and then I get that email, that call, that client, and Yay! as I said before..... It turned me on to a business I love AND  It saved my marriage...BOOM It works!

Suggested links that'll change your state of mind immediately! :)

  • Big up to my Conscious friend AnnMarie. She turned me on to Neville Goddard who I plagerized in part of this blog because he expressed exactly who I am perfectly

You like documentary movies?

  • Here is another link that will make you cry with inspiration....It's also on  forward to end for what I call Tony Robbins explosive breathing exercise when you raise you hands in the air...cuz yous a true
  • Here is the same explosive priming breathing on you tube that was in the movie.
  • Here are Tony Robbins state of mind exercises that will blow your mind and can change your life!


 Let me know and comment below.

I hope this touched moved and inspired you because that is my goal. 

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