Thoughts and Suggestions When Dealing with Saturated Fat

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The first thought of many thoughts and suggestions when dealing with saturated fat in our diet is to be aware of the culture in which we live.

My Industrialized Culture

For myself personally, I live in what I consider an industrialized culture that is both fast-paced and consumer-based. In my experience, a consumer-based model that involves competition and choice eventually keeps the quality of service, product, or idea better in some way. The downside is that appealing to what people are willing to spend money on in regard to food can lead to many unhealthy choices especially when looking at fast food or traveling. Over the past couple of years, I've seen more health-based restaurants and healthier food in convenience store shelves.  However, this took years to come to pass and was on the heels of years of heart disease and other issues like diabetes in the general population.

Heart Disease in North America

Heart disease is known now to cause more deaths in America regardless of background than any other disease. Coronary heart disease is the most common heart disease. One major cause of heart attacks and strokes is arteriosclerosis or the hardening, thickening, or narrowing inside the blood vessels. One cause of arteriosclerosis is plaque buildup in the arteries. Over time the plaque build-up begins to narrow the inside of the arteries and blocks or diminishes the blood flow. This can create a blood clot.

Other Causes of Arteriosclerosis

Other causes include smoking, gender, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, etc,.

The Role of Saturated Fat in Our Diets

Thoughts and Suggestions When Dealing with Saturated Fat

Although saturated fat is needed for many physical functions such as hormone production, energy, etc., too much can harmful and can lead to high cholesterol which can lead to clogged arteries.

RDA and Diet

Although some would say the RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance was made for younger individuals, I need a clear measurement of how much of this substance is too much for my diet. The RDA provides this clear measurement I needed. I was surprised to learn how quickly the average American diet exceeds the RDA. One example I discovered was that three sausage links for breakfast can give you half of the recommended RDA you need in one day.

Thoughts and Suggestions When Dealing with Saturated Fat

Keep Count

The intent of this article is simply to give a "heads up" as to the need to keep track at least mentally how much saturated fat you are taking in. If you are not counting at least percentages, you may be getting too much of this needed substance.

In Summation

Saturated fat is needed for many physical functions, but too much can ultimately lead to blocked arteries. People in Industrialized nations often are unaware of how much of this substance they are taking in daily. In addition to getting an annual physical and specific blood panel, and maybe extra health tests from a reliable organization, you need to be keeping track of how much saturated fat you are taking in daily and adjust your diet appropriately.

Your Application

So how much saturated fat do you take in daily? Does it exceed your RDA and, if so, what specific adjustments do you need to make to your diet? What fact stuck out to you most in this article on thoughts and suggestions when dealing with saturated fat?


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