Thoughts are things....almost.

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A universal experience we humans share is thought.  The thing is, what can seem like fleeting experiences, make the difference in our experience.  Notice how a positive thought feels better than a negative one.  Certainly that's a relatively easy thing to notice.  Yet calling a feeling a thing stills feels elusive in a pragmatic sense. Of course, first, we must be aware of the thoughts we're thinking.  For many of us humans, paying attention to our thoughts may feel luxurious.  The busyness of life can find us lost to our thoughts except perhaps when we lay down to sleep. Getting back to what we feel when we notice our thoughts, do you agree that positive thoughts, besides feeling better than negative ones, can lead to positive experiences?  I've found in order to notice this inner process at work within myself, giving myself permission to turn my attention within consciously and daily works.  For me, a minimum of fifteen minutes and sometimes as much as eighteen mintues brings a noticeable shift in my experience.  Not only is their a shift in the moments of sitting quietly with my attention turned within, but my whole day seems to flow better.  Most call this meditation, what it is called feels less important than creating the experience.  So, how are thoughts things?  Watch them for yourself and see what you think. 

By stepping into a new experience like being a digital entrepreneur, both knew and old thoughts emerge.  As seeming knew thoughts expand into being an old thought, things happen.  It's in our response to the things that happen, whether a positive thought or not, that lead us to experiences that we want.  What experiences do you want?

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