Thoughts Create Reality

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“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.”-Stephen Richards

Your thoughts are more powerful than you ever can imagine. Thoughts create reality... your passing thoughts can actually bring things to fruition. It is hard to wrap your head around this concept but when you do, you will realize that you are in more control of your have actually always been in control of your life. You control the good and you control the bad things.  Yes, you have always had that power!

You are in more control than you know.... and it is happening right now. How does that make you feel? It has to be exciting and hopeful...and probably doubtful and curious.

Stop feeling alone, stuck, unhappy, helpless.

You're more control than you could ever imagine.

How can you be in control when you don't feel it or know how it works? Think about it for a second...

  1. You are allowing things in your life to affect you
  2. How you react effects your outcome
  3. You think negatively and get negative results
  4. You think positively and get positive results
  5. What has happened today, yesterday, last week, a month, or a year ago that mirror's your negative or positive thoughts to results that happened negatively or positively to you

It's that simple.

How you react effects your outcome!

You are freely allowed to make choices and that is governed to you from the time you are born from spirit to human form.

Whether you believe it or not. You are actively participating in every moment of every day and you are living through the actions, reactions, and outcomes.

If you change your reactions to a particular action then you can expect the outcome to be either positive.

React negatively, get negative results

React positively get positive results

What results do you want?

My wild guess :)  ...... and Me too!!

So, how can you get on the band-wagon and be positive automatically?

By paying attention to your thought patterns. If a negative thought crossed your mind, stop it by recognizing it and then try to re-think in a more positive manner.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't–you're right.” - Henry Ford

Get rid of negative words from your thinking of your vocabulary. Words like, shouldn't, can't, won't. wouldn't.

Replace them with positive words like, should, can, and will.

It's easier to cop out of situations with a negative mind frame, but it won't make you happy.

Be aware of your thinking patterns and how often you put yourself down and how negatively you think of others.

Once you recognize the negative thoughts and patterns seize the thoughts at once. Stop them, say out loud "shut up, you have no power here."

Re-think those re-occurring negative thoughts. Reverse them into positive thoughts.

  • Instead of thinking..."I shouldn't have some time to myself after all the household chores are piling up and I'm going to feel so bad and guilty if I don't get them looked after." 
  • Think... "I should have time to myself. I need to look after me once in a while or I will not be my best later on. Housework can wait a day!"

Self-defeating can be conquered, only by you.

It takes 21 Days to form a habit.

Just be conscientious of your thoughts.

Try to break the habit every time you catch yourself by stopping the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

The more often you think positively, the more you begin to think positively.

You attract what you give, consciously and subconsciously.

The more often you think positively, the more you begin to think positively.

If you are unhappy with results in your life, then concentrate on you.  You have the power to make a change.  You are not powerless. You can only be powerless if you think you are.

You are in control. You have the power to make it or break it in life.

If you believe you have the power to change your life for the better and remain thinking positive thoughts and acting positively, then you will notice that your life will change for the better.

Like attracts Like.

The Law of Attraction states that by focussing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their lives.

So, you must already know and can relate to this. Being in a bad mood, being frustrated, cursing and swearing, can only bring on more bad experiences as your day comes along. You then start to wish you could wake up and start the day.

To change the way things work in your life, you need to change your thought patterns to positive thoughts and expect positive results in return.

You get what you give.

Best Wishes from The Cloud.

Deb Entrepreneur & Owner of Cloud9 Marketing Online

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