Through fear you get your dreamlife

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You know, if you do the same things you always have done, you will get the same result. In other words: you do not move, you do not develop, you do not prosper! Your life will stay the same

So, if you want changes in your life, you have to do new things you have never done before.

But when you do new things and change behaviour, your brain will resist and send out signals of FEAR, and make you STOP to protect you against potential danger.

The brain activates the Fight or Flight system. The sympathetic nerve-system make the body react faster, and adrenalin increase the blood flow, to make you ready to fight or flight.

But as we do not have dangerous animals where I live, a constant fear and too high expectations and challenges can result in STRESS and OBSTRUCT PROSPERITY.


Find the balance to growth

The secret to not end up in stress and anxiety is to find the balance between too little and too many challenges. On the "Learningstair", you can see your "next development zone", where you have the right conditions and challenges to prosper, compared to your resources and comfort right now.


If the challenges surpass your capacity, you might experience first worry, concern, fear, anxiety and maybe stress. Maybe you have experienced that on your job when you get too many assignments, or tasks you cant fulfil, and your body activates the fight or flight system?

But what happens if you have a lot of capacity and resources, but not enough challenges? Then you will actually feel bored, and that won't lead to any prosperity either.

So, the perfect balance to growth and prosperity you will find, when you feel the little fear and uncertainty you experience when you take a little step, one at a time, into the unknown, practice and get comfortable before you take the next step towards your goal.

This is what you do:

  1. Make a goal
  2. What are your resources and capacity right now? Your capacity varies in order to your physical, psychological, social etc. stains. Be honest with yourself!
  3. How many challenges can you cope with right now, and still be in your "development zone", feel prosperity, without overwhelm?
  4. Stay here and practice until you feel comfortable.
  5. Adjust your challenges often. As you get comfortable you develop new skills and raise your capacity and resources. Then you have to raise your challenges to prosper and you get closer to your goal little by little. Step by step! 

How I made friends with FEAR

To me, the "Learningstair" is a good tool to measure if I am on the right track in my business on my way to a future with more TIME for my kids and family and FREEDOM to do the things I love.

Through education, tools and webinars I get all the support I need, to make sure I am always in my "next development zone", to grow, prosper, and learn at my own pace.

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Enjoy, and make friends with your little fear every day :-)

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