Trust your gut, but not too much...

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Trust your gut, but not too much...

Why it is so hard for many of us to have self discipline in following a diet?
I had a hunch today and I wondered: I have eaten half hour ago... Should I believe to this stimulus to open the fridge again?
Should I believe that this "signal" really means that I'm hungry? This apparent need could be a lie. Should I follow a lie?
The reality is that many of us affirm that we don't like lies. We affirm continuously that we wouldn't trust the next thing a "liar" tells us.
We, though, are used to the lies that we tell ourselves all the time.
Today I helped myself by answering those questions, taking responsibility in doing what is best for my own body.

Certainly, eating unnecessarily is a waste for many reasons.

Money: The majority of us walk isles of stores trying to find the best for the less money possible. Most of us eat double of whatever we bought that made us save money.
Work overload: Yes, our organs have to work more to digest all the substances we ingest. Our bodies have their own intelligence and that intelligence is used to manage in the best way possible. This ability changes as we progress in age. So we continue ingesting more food than what we need, the "production line" slows down inside and we keep growing.
Health: Imagine if the garbage truck stops coming every week and we're given plastic bags to store our garbage inside our apartment. They claimed that those bags would seal odors and substances, preventing from coming out... 
What happens inside our bodies when we live a life of food congestion is this: What we cannot eliminate, is stored. This means we store toxins inside our cells which creates a poisonous environment, which means that cells need to adapt in order to survive. This is why cancerous cells once were healthy ones.  
What do we need?
It is a good practice eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Recently I wrote an article about a very healthy vegetable recipe made very simple and fast.
We grew up believing that having lots of different nutrients in every meal is good for us.
I personally believe that the less we mix different foods, the better for our health. The less salt and sugar we consume, the less risk of chronic deceases we're exposed to.
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