Weekend - time for reflection

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Finally the spring has arrived to Gothenburg/Sweden :). 

Took the morningrun today in the sun. I do love it! I wish I could do it more regular. 


When my business is up and running I hope I can do so :)


3,5 hours walk around in a beautiful garden today as well!


I do love the nerworking, I'm inspired by strong women. Love to read there posts.

Yesterday I was reading about haters in the internet ... for me it looks like they are the weak ones. And it sad.

My first thinking was:

- Your life won't change by chance, it change by action.

So my advise to all of you out there that feel you're stuck, you do want everything but you dont know how. It won't come to you for free. It's about your mindset. You have to work for it, earn it and feel it coming!


Good night from Sweden

See ya'


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