What fills you with energy?

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This week I have been filled with energy. What have I then done?

I have been at my afternoon choir meeting. Singing is the best way to meet with your innerself and of course other people. Doing something together, share the same passion. Let everything else go for a few hours and sing. Next week we are going to practice on a favorite song of mine :), from a swedish sing and song writer that no longer are with us, unfortunately :( but his songs are beautiful (Ted Gärdestad).

One other thing that fills me upp with energy is the inspiring is the recorded meetings/calls (for me right now it's hard to particiopate at all live sessions). So much energy from all people around this community. I long for the time I can do this full time :). It feels like I can't leave this warmth and togetherness.

As all also declare this process of learning and start taking action are overwhelming. Right now I'm at one point where this process is overwhelming. You want to do everything right away, right now! But when I listening to the recorded sessions I can calm down and breath slowly and take one day at the time :).

This is my journey, I feel this is my time to do what I have so long search for, actually since 10 years back, this is what I have dreamt of. There for I guess this overwhelming feeling is coming over me because I'm also so excited.

Take a look at the link below and see if you feel the same way. Maybe this is something for you too?

Digital lifestyle http://tidyurl.com/c7fwrb

Best wishes and take care!


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