What I Learnt About Raising Children From An Ex U.S. Navy Seal

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What I learnt about raising children from an ex U.S. Navy Seal

What I learnt about raising children from an ex U.S. Navy Seal. Is there a difference to bringing up boys and girls? Today they have to compete on the same field. Learn to make money, defend themselves or even change a tyre.

We are now living in the most complex, dynamic and competitive environment we have ever seen. No longer do we go to work in a factory, come home drink a beer and go to bed. The world is changing at a lightning pace and it is important as parents that we do recognise this. Kids of today are subjected to very clever marketing whether they own a mobile phone or not. They are not just influenced by their friends, but are surrounded by the bombardment from the media and corporations messages. I'm not talking about conspiracy theories but I am talking about teaching our children the fundamentals.

Respect their respect.

What are the fundamentals? And What I learnt about raising children from an ex U.S. Navy Seal? Yes spending time is important, but things like spirituality, money, health and values are important to instill in kids. Respect their respect also. Respect is knowing what drives them, what they are passionate about, what they dream of becoming. Leadership is assisting them to achieve it! Do not just expect their respect, earn it.

Three Phases Of SEAL Training.

First Phase (Basic Conditioning)

Second Phase (Diving)

Third Phase (Land Warfare)

 When bringing up Rugrats the First Phase is keeping them from harm, teaching them not to touch hot things or fall in an ape enclosure at the zoo. The Second Phase relates to or correlates with SEAL Training in that we teach our kids to be aware of others (Our Buddy) in Diving terms. Around the starting Kindergarten age, to not throw rocks, play with sticks etc. The Third Phase in the SEAL training is dangerous sh#t like playing with plastic explosives. This stage can reflect as our kids are getting older and they are making decisions that could majorly impact family or large groups of people around them.

Chasing the bull.

 Snipers refer to chasing the ball. This is where they hit a target at a long distance, however then begin to miss. They will remove the site re calibrate knobs on the weapon reattach the site chasing the Bulls eye. Then go through the same process playing with the weapon when not hitting the target. How does this relate to raising children? Be consistent do not change things up don't seem to be going your way. This ex Navy Seal talks about being there for your children for the little things and not waiting for a major disaster to step in and train (for a better word) your kids. It is better to keep up then catch up.

 I think it is important to lead from the front I've heard dad's talk about making major sacrifices for their kids. Saying comments like "I have let my health go, I no longer train because I have kids." Or not concentrating on their happiness because they are a Dad now! We need to think what would we like our son or daughter to be and lead by example and be that person ourselves. When we don't take care of ourselves effectively we are quitting.

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