When You've Had Knee Surgery

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There have been times when I've been sick. There have been times when I've gotten sick because I was thinking about being sick. There have been times where I've wanted to be sick so I didn't have to go to work so that I could get some personal things done (Which makes no sense at all because if I were sick I wouldn't be able to do those things). But I've never experienced being sick because of knee surgery. OUCH! Knee surgery recovery is quite painful.

I turned to my trusty cure-all to relieve the pain, in addition to the pain relievers and inflammation reducing medications. Water. Yes, delicious, refreshing, energizing, life-giving water. It helped me tremendously after I overcame the major nausea issues that I was already having as a result of after surgery trauma, but it also added to the already frustrated me by forcing me to go to the bathroom every time I seemed to sit or lay down. I love water! How To Drink a Cup of Water.


There are different types of knee surgeries. I am by no means an expert on the different types but the type of knee surgery I had was a removal of a large foreign body which was actually a large bone. They would not allow me to bring it home no matter how much I pleaded to do so. It was SO big. I understood why the doctor was somewhat perplexed that I was able to walk, play, dance, and do all of the things that I do for hours at a time. The pain I would have sometimes was excrutiating, especially when I would get out of my car, or up from sitting or sleeping. I am a strong user and advocate of natural remedies and solutions and I am sure that my healthy lifestyle was the reason I was able to survive for so long with a stone age piece of bone floating around my knee and lodging in between my joint at will. 

When you've had knee surgery there are several things you can do. I am all about options and life is full of them. It is easy to sit back and cry constantly about the pain you are in (which I almost did), or you can focus on Candi Perry's 3 favorite R's. Don't get your notebook and pen out yet. Just relax your mind and read the following:

1. Rest. Your body needs rest. Your body is a little confused because most likely you were put to sleep during your surgery and you were not responding the way you normally would if you had been awake and someone started cutting through your skin, muscle, capillaries, etc. So, rightly so, your body is traumatized and needs to be treated as such. Your mind needs rest. Stop thinking about all the things you could have, would have, should of, could do if..., would do if..., should do when..., if you are thinking these things then stop it right now. This thought process is bringing anxiety and therefore stress on your body that needs to rest and recuperate.

2. Recuperate. Your body needs to recuperate. Your body needs to get it's stregnth back, to recover. you need to get back on your feet, and in order to do that you need your energy to focus on recuperating. Even though we are not there with you in body, so many of us are right there with you in spirit cheering you on and encouraging you to take time to recuperate. Your body wants to regain what has been lost. This is a time for you to be still, focus on healing and even re-evaluate where you are in life. Not in a way that brings about any type of mental stress, but in a way that puts you present in the moment, face to face with who you are and your purpose in life.

3. Re-Evaluate. Your mind is an amazing piece of creation. The time that you are recuperating can be used to gently re-evaluate where you are in life. If you are anything like me, which a lot of people are, you sometimes forget to slow down, take a deep breath and make sure you are headed exactly where you want to go. Remember, everything that happens to us does so to make us better, stronger and more giving. Don't misunderstand, giving does not always mean to give directly to others. It can also mean that you need to give yourself the physical, mental, AND emotional nutrition that you need so that you can reach evertything you were designed to obtain and give back more abundantly than ever. Are you doing this? 

If not, use this time right now to give yourself the physical, mental, AND emotional nutrition that you need.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope this has been helpful for you. I am writing this blog during my recuperation period. and Candi Perry's 3 R's have helped me through many situations just as it is helping me now. If you are reading this article and are not facing or going through surgery, please share it with someone who can benefit from it. Much success to you!

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