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Where am I.....Stuck inside myself afraid to speak. 

So many things happen in my life, no one to blame anymore, its up to me now to let this stuff go with out judgement or application, the mean's to a end.

I am a natural communicator with vast knowledge of circumstance.

I am not alone with passions to express.

My heart closes so quickly and opens so slowly I need the reflection of others to succeed.

How can we feel so alone when there are billions of people on this planet.

Live life to the full ? What does that really mean and how do you know if you have never experienced it. 

Maybe its simply doing something completely different, like me writing this. 

I have tried many things...thinking that they will get me somewhere, but there's nowhere to go. 

Taking the time to acknowledge and enjoy the moments of achievement I am as good as anyone else and capable of achieving all I desire I just need that desire.   

Why does being rich mean, having lots of money, is it going to make me feel worthy like I can walk with the elite, maybe it's not the money, it's just the achievement of being able to do it. 

What happens when you acheive that goal, you don't give up,move on to the next goal.   

When we say, I am not bothered about money for the most its a lie a cop out,giving yourself permission to give up before you start,so not to let yourself down if you fail.  

In experience trying something new what ever it maybe is being inspired by others and wanting to be like them to feel that glory of energy that comes out of them. 

We can achieve anything when we put our heart and mind to purpose.  

Dean & Ania  


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