Where are you going in 2018?

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Do you want a better life at the end of 2018?
Financially, personally, in health, relationships or anything else? 

It is your choice! You have the power and the opportunity to do anything you want in your life. It is your choice to change what you are not satisfied with or let it be as it is. You just have to decide what your GOAL is and continue going in that direction.

Sounds easy, right? And It is! BUT we often get DISTRACTED and suddenly we forget where we are going and take other paths, and we end up in a totally different place than we intended.


If you define a specific strong goal, a destination, then you know where you are going. For example, If you decide to go to London, you know you have to find a bus, train, aeroplane or roads that lead you to London. But if you don't have a clear goal, and only a dream or idea of going somewhere better, you try a little here and a little there, go on one bus to another place, then someone advises you to take another road and you will wander around searching in all directions and never reach a specific destination.

Or maybe you follow someone else's destination and goal; follow the crowd, your parents, friends or spouses dream and goal? And you end up in a place you did not really choose nor desire. How does that feel?

You need a specific strong goal that you desire to set your direction in life. YOUR direction! Not anybody else's direction, dream and goal. Your goal will set the direction and guide you when you have to make your daily choices. 

So what do you want? What is your dream? Your desire? What is your specific goal?


But WHY is that your dream? Your "WHY" is what will give you the motivation to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, keep the focus on the direction, and make sure you reach your goal. So ask yourself: what will that do for me? How will I feel when I reach my goal? What will happen if I do not go for my goal?  

So make 2018 a fantastic year for you.

Start making a journal for your goal. And this will be your first two important chapters for your success:

  3. Read this to yourself every morning and night, and work on it.

The change in my life

The day I started defining MY OWN GOALS, and worked through my goals mentally daily, was the turning point of my life. I wrote my goals put them in places I would see them often. I wrote my "why", and worked on it. With help from my coaches and a unique educational system that has provided me with the right tools and information, I am now building my own business, doing what I desire and working when and where I want.

Today my days are filled with things I desire to do, people I love, and I feel great. All because I started defining MY OWN GOALS, I now live MY life in alignment with MY dreams.

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Take care! :-) Lene