Who is God?

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 Why are you here, what is your purpose?

  There is so much confusion about God.  And there is so much confusion about why we are here and what our purpose of existence is. As long as humans have existed there’s been confusion about God. Religions have not made the understanding any better, but rather installed fear and guilt in people, making them believe there’s a heaven and hell and you will be punished and burned in hell, if you do not follow Gods rules. 

  Those rules are different depending on which part of the world you’re brought up in, which culture and religion you’re born in to. Religions are built on polarities and understandings. It’s built on judgment and separation of people.

Relating to God


  Personally for most part of my life I couldn’t relate to the word God. As a child God was a cold church with hard benches and quiet people. I was brought up in Sweden in a semi religious family. My grandfather was a religious man, Lutheran protestant, something he took a lot of pride in. My parents where not religious as such but we took part in church activities and traditions and went to church on Sundays. 

  As a young adult I turned against all religions as I came to understand how religions creates separateness, diversion and invokes fear and guilt in people only to control them. The word God lost all it’s meaning as I witnessed it being misused in so many contexts all over the world. Murdering in the name of God. My God stands above you God… and the madness goes on and on.

Is God outside me?

  How can I please God? Am I good enough? Am I worshipping the right way? Are my thoughts pure enough for God? Will he let me in his heaven? Will I burn in hell?  All the questions we ask are all based on the idea that there’s a God who rules over us. A God that guards over us, and holds his hand over us, or sends us to hell or damnation.

  GOD is not someone or something outside of you. It’s not an entity or being, who judges or holds you responsible to make you behave in a certain way. That is man made fiction.

“The biggest damage religions have done to humanity is to make us believe there’s a God outside of us”. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda.-



  God is all of life. It is never ending pulsation, expansion, movement and creation of unlimited thought. It is the constant ebb and flow. God is just a name of the father, of all that is. The isness, the father that gave birth to thought. Thought that created worlds, to what was, to what is and to what always will be.

  God is the essence that exists in everything. Every human being, every animal big or small, every insect, leaf, plant, flower and tree. It’s the life force that runs through everything. It is the energy that holds everything together. It’s every breath you take, every sunset or rise you see. It’s the motion of the ocean and the wind in your hair.

  It is all you can see feel, taste, smell and all beyond that, the planets the universe and all other dimensions. You, me, the dog on the street, we are all extensions of God, the force, the source or whatever you want to call it. Whatever you call your God Allah, Buddha, Jesus, source, the force, it’s all the same essence. It’s Godliness.

You are divine


  You are a vibrational being, you are pure energy. YOU are God. It lives and breathes you, It is pure essence, it is energy. It is the same energy that makes the grass grow, that gives birth to a child or a calf. It is the same energy that crushes the waves against the rocks and opens the buds of the flower at springtime. It is magnificent life force to celebrate every moment in every day, every breath in every lifetime.

You are thought; you are light; you are electrum; you are form. You are pure energy, awesome power, pulsating emotion, sublime thought. That which you have perceived to be the highest level of intelligence - of power, dignity, holiness, and grace - is that which is you. Who are you? You are the identifiable God. –The white book by Ramdha-

 Gods will = Your will

  There is no such thing, as Gods will impose upon you. Gods will is your will. You are your own God. If God, father wanted life to be one singular expression he would never have created you into being a free, thinking being.  He created you into a free, thinking being so you can express your own uniqueness.

   God is not separate from you. You are him. He is you. All that his will is, is your will. Your destiny is not decided by him. Your destiny is in constant creation by you. By your ability to free thinking, the thoughts that create your reality, your world.

   We come and we go and take form in physical bodies. This vessel we have chosen to exist in, in this life time is for us to honor, guard, nurture and lovingly care for. 

  We are magnificent beings in a body. We are spiritual beings that come back again and again to have earthly experiences.  We come back to be the helping hand to others, to express the light we are, to serve and spread joy and to live exhilarated joyful lives in any way we can and any way it pleases us.

Your purpose

  We come back to learn the lessons of living, to express the true nature of what we are. To live as the Gods we are, to express the uniqueness of ourselves. We come back to live with joy.

  If you want to know your purpose, if you want to know God, know yourself. Love yourself and live with joy. You are here to express ultimate joy, because the more joy you feel the closer you are to God, the true nature of who you really are.


Much love



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