Why Contentment Is A Value Worth Having?

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What is Contentment : 

                    Cambridge English Dictionary Describes it as ( Happiness and Satisfaction often because you have everything you need).

The reason contentment is one of my values is because I know contentment is not about getting what I want but rather me choosing to be appreciative and satisfied with how my life and I am at any given time in my life.

What we want as people is a reflection of our values, who we are inside at the core of our being to be reflected in our external enviroment as people, satisfying those values, is the key to happiness and security.

If you can see yourself, really see yourself, your strengths your flaws your values, you have power in your life, that few people do. Its a power that can understand and control all the other powers inside of you. I belive its the power of congruency. I believe one of the proverbs is ( If we could only see ourselves as others see us) when acting congruently what is in the inside is exactly what we are showing externally, 

Its important to spend our time doing things that revolve around our values, so its important that your goals and dreams have real meaning and worth to you. If you build your dreams and goals around artificial views of whats desirable and rewarding you will spend your time accomplishing things that will not bring you contentment. Time is the only thing we get once, once its gone we can,t get it back, so be very carefull how you spend your time, its the most valuable commodity there is.

Feeling good about ourselves is important, to a contented life, but the secret of feeling good about ourselves is self acceptance, there's a great saying ( you will never out perform your self image ). To be fully content I believe you have to love and accept yourself as you are, uncoditionaly. Its very easy to say that, but how do you do that. One method I have used is repeating three small words I AM ENOUGH over and over, telling myself I am enough, my brain does not know the difference, thats why affirmations work. Remember, by being grateful and content, for just waking up every day, everything else after that is a bonus !! . 

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