Why don't you change?

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Why do you stay in the same painful situation?

Because it is known and comfortable!

All the things we know feels comfortable even if it hurts.

Your brain will always want to keep you inside your comfort zone, so if you move out of your comfort zone, your brain sends signals of FEAR to your body, to protect you against danger. It is a natural primitive mechanism that should protect us and make sure we survive if you meet a lion.

To make changes feels uncomfortable because you move out of your comfort zone. So when you get out of your comfort zone and do something you are not used to, you will experience FEAR, to make sure you stay exactly where you are, in your comfort zone.


BUT... Do you really want to stay in the situation you are right now?

If not, you will have to change something, and you will have no choice than to face FEAR and go through it. You have to get out of your comfort zone. Meet the unknown. You have to be willing to do things you have never done before, and might be afraid of.

On the other side of FEAR, you will find FREEDOM, the life of your dreams.

But to get through fear it is important to find the right balance with the right amount of challenges, to manage the fear, and you will become friends with it.


I had a ream of a life with more TIME with my kids and more FREEDOM in my work. I created my goals for my future, but when I began changing my daily activities I felt uncertain and resistance. The fear of change made me resent changes and I ended up in the same old patterns and did not get my business moving. I got frustrated and began doubting that I could do it.


That was when I found a system with education and mentors, that could help me both in mental training and the technical skills I needed to succeed. The training has helped me to meet my fear in the right way. The tools helped me to find my personal development zone that fit me, gave me the training and challenges in MY level so that I could grow and get closer to reach my goals. I could never have done it without the help and support from SFM.

If you wish more TIME and FREEDOM and need help and guidance to change YOUR career, YOUR lifestyle, then I would love to share these 7-days video-series with you that has changed my life. You will find them in the button of this page, or you can take a look at my website here to read more or contact me for more information.

Have a very nice day! Lene

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