Why Personal Journals Are Important

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Personal journals are important to you because they provide many insights into your mind and into your thinking that you may not realize... Whether you believe it or not, your thoughts affect you and the results are subtle. Your life can be affecting by what you think and how you react. If you are unhappy, then you actually do have the power to change your life's direction. 

In order to understand your journey in life, you need to understand you.

Journalize each day. Write about you and your thoughts. Your thoughts would be on circumstances that happened to you during the day or even something that has happened in the past. Record how you reacted, and what results occurred, how you feel or felt.

Then you later (after you wrote it or later when you have time)  ponder why you reacted the way you did, what you could have done differently, what keeps re-occurring, who in your life could help you resolve a problem, what you have learned and grown from that could help someone you know, and so on.

Journals are not every living moment of your day, like: I woke up, brushed my teeth, got ready for work, came home for lunch, came home late from work, ate dinner, watched Survivor, then crashed for the night. That's pretty boring and meaningless to write, don't you think? Except for the Survivor part... kidding aside as I love Survivor :)

Write Anything That Is On Your Mind

What you want to write is what drives your thoughts and your feelings. Write anything down that affects you during the day. Don't think into it at first or second-guess anything that comes to mind, just write it down anything, everything that comes to mind if you feel the desire. No rules apply. Feel free to write whatever comes to your mind in the moment. Just get it out of your mind on to concrete paper.


Don't leave your vulnerable thoughts and feelings out for any nosy-body to look at, read, or share with others, without your consent. Don't trust everybody, no matter if you feel you know them or not. Not everybody is innocent and of goodwill. Keep your alert meter on, with everyone in your life (family, friends, co-workers, online friends, and so on). If they are trustworthy then they need to prove it.

The point is, is to look after yourself by writing your thoughts and emotions down about everything and anything that you feel that you get it out and put it somewhere safe. Nobody needs to know but you. If you feel the need to share then share, just be careful with whom and what they might do with it.

If you write the journal, have a lock to keep it secure. If you use a Microsoft product, then use a password to protect it. If you want to vent just to get your frustrations out, then rip it up or burn it afterward for a sense of release.

Choosing a Journal

Journals come in all forms, shapes, sizes, textures, and in digital format, even with an MS Access Database!

  • Types of Journals Therapy- helps you figure out who you are
  • Dreams- write your dreams out as soon as you wake up. Dreams are a metaphor message. You need to analyze them for messages.
  • Ideas- any thought that is good or small should be recorded - maybe someday you will make that terrific idea come to fruition
  • Problem Solving-
    • write your issue out
    • write possible solutions
    • sleep on your issues 
    • continue to find favorable solutions

Journalizing your thoughts, concerns, desires, wishes, troubles, happy moments, sad moments, memories... and so on, will help you cope, analyze, release, understand, come to terms with, enjoy, reminisce all things that cross your mind that affect your mood, make you understand what effects you. Once you write these down I whatever form you choose, then you can re-read everything. By re-reading you then can ask why, how and where could do say differently.  Doing so will help ground yourself.

Journals help:

  • memory recall
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • mental health
  • patterns of behavior
  • lessons learned
  • process your thoughts
  • brainstorm
  • why you think the way you do

When I journalize, I say exactly what I'm feeling and why. I don't write the meal I ate that day until I am writing a food journal. I write ho my mood was when I woke up. I write how grateful; I for my warm bed and that I am breathing life into this body for another day, I'm grateful my loving family that surrounds me. I try hard to avoid negative thoughts just because they don't serve me well but if I just need to vent then I won't hold anything back. I will release my thoughts out of my mind and into the universe. I talk about my work life, the people that have crossed my path and how I feel about them. What upset me, what made me sad and happy. I write how my evening ended.

It doesn't have to go in great length unless you need it to. Just get it down until you are satisfied that you have spilled out everything on your mind.

Take time to re-read your week and month.

Do you see a pattern?

How do you journal? Do you find it helpful? 

Best Wishes from The Cloud.

Deb Entrepreneur & Owner of Cloud9 Marketing Online

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