Why Should You Make Changes In Your Thinking?

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Do you often ask why you aren't living the life of your dreams?

I know that I have.

I also know that I am (now) aware that I dismiss that question from my thoughts, automatically.

It's our subconsciousness that actually steps in "automatically" that causes the mind to dismiss the thoughts. Within milliseconds -- your subconscious is shaking its little finger at you. No, no, no you don't deserve that! You are unworthy, it is for other people. People that are better than you that deserve that. Trust me! My heart always hurts when that happens and I begin.....

to feel sad about me.

You think it would stop there...nope. 

To top it off, (like a big fat cherry on top) ...I'd start saying to myself over and over again....

"After all, if I deserved it, I would have had it by now.  I'm not that special, what makes me different than anybody else? I can't be so g r e e d y  when other people in this world have far less and have had it far worse than I do.

" Sound familiar? Do you have negative thoughts going through your mind about yourself too?

Honestly, how many times do you get in your own way?

In fact; I want you to remember this, the next time it happens... Write it down, and put a huge line going all the way through it like so:

"After all, if I deserved it, I would have had it by now.  I'm not that special, what makes me different than anybody else? I can't be so g r e e d y  when other people in this world have far less and have had it far worse than I do."

You need to know that you are just as worthy as anybody else! We are all flesh and bone and spirit. We are all born on this earth and deserve as much as the next person. You are special to the core of your being. You just need to acknowledge that. 

To make a difference in your life, you want to first believe in yourself!

You are no different than those famous people you read about or see on T.V. or even your next door neighbor with his fancy cars, your boss, the homeless.

What makes and breaks people is their attitude to life. To be specific..."How You Think."

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.

You are in control. You have always been in control.

You have always had the power over yourself and your life!

Just Believe. It is that simple.

Believe in you.

Believe you are worth more.

Believe you are true at heart.

Believe you love and you are loved.

Believe you care and are cared for.

Believe you are not alone.

Believe you have every right to all that this Earthly Plane has to offer.

Believe that you are here to learn and grow spiritually.

Believe you are here to connect with others, and to learn and share.

Your soul will truly be happy once it finds a connection to something it craves.

Chances are you already know what I know, but if you don't then get ready for an eye-opener.

Learn and Share with others then see how you feel.

You could earn all the money on earth and travel, see the world, eat delicious meals, drink scrumptious cocktails, sleep in beautiful hotels, own sleek vehicles, but after a while, your soul will be unhappy...

That's why they say, "Money can't buy Happiness."

It is because of your very essence, your very soul craves so much more.

It craves connection.

Connection to the Universe.

The Universe includes the energy it transmits and what it transmits is through other people, animals, plants, air... tap into their energy.

You want and crave to learn too.

Learning feeds the soul.

You actually have everything you need, within you. Stop thinking you are helpless, a victim, or not in control because everything is in your control. You just have to believe you are better than that.

Your thoughts create your life. Thoughts become reality If you think you are unworthy, you become unworthy.


If you think you are worthy, you become worthy. It is that simple.

Change your mindset, change your life.

You have everything you need, within you.  You don't need others to fulfill you.

The internet is full of information that provides the promise of successful life using the digital platforms, but even if it sounds wonderful, you feel pessimistic and doubtful that you could achieve what others have, or you don't trust what they are saying.

What you need to do is look within yourself and tap into your heart's desire:

  • Do you want to have a long commute to work
  • Have to work with unpleasant coworkers
  • Worl for a thankless boss
  • Spend 60 hours or more a week at work
  • Have no life outside of work because work drains your energy

Or would you rather...

  • Wake up at a time you prefer to
  • Wake up with purpose, inspiration, and a smile
  • Go for a long stroll along the beach each day
  • Check your online business for a few hours each day while it's on autopilot
  • Travel at will
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Be your own boss and not have to report to anyone 

The world is your oyster. so why aren't you enjoying it?

What is holding you back?

I suggest that you tap into some youtube videos related to The Law of Attraction and The Secret to understand how we can relate and connect to the energy around us. It will be an eye-opener. You will learn that you are in more control thn=an you think or have ever been told.   

The more you focus on what you want, the more attracted it will be towards you. If you focus hard enough, it will manifest.


Just like you know and believe that Christmas is coming. You can also believe you will be a millionaire in a year if you focus, ask God/ Universe, vision your winnings, be grateful, thank the Universe but more importantly...

Pay it forward...

Promise to use the money to help others too.

Get rid of nagging doubts and uncertainties and replace it with trust and belief. It won't fail you.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Take action to help you focus and be clear on what you want ...be specific as possible.

Clear the doubts and fears from your mind.

Change your mindset, change your life.

I hope this helps and that you are inspired to change your mindset.

The one question I'll leave you with before I go: What do you plan on changing in your life to improve it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes from The Cloud.


Entrepreneur & Owner of Cloud9 Marketing On-Line

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