The Beginning

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Hello and great day to all, My name is Ted Telemaque and I am from Long Beach,CA. I am a normal man who loves Health and Fitness, improving one-self by meditation, as well as learning what the Internet Business has to offer so I can create more time to spend with my son and travel our wonderful world.

I worked in all types of fields such as an Alarm Technician, Military for 6 years and two tours to (Iraq, Afghanistan) , and a great company called UPS. I want to be able to create a Karefree Lifestyle that only people can dream about because a normal 9 to 5 won't create that extra time to spend with family and to travel.

Why not make our dreams come true one day at a time instead of making someone's else's dream come true daily. If this touches you or has you intrigued please comment and click on bottom link below, would love to hear from likeminded people.

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to click on my bio so you can add/reach me on facebook as well.

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