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This is sensitive stuff

I say this because I know that It’s a touchy subject but don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Although I’m pleased with my frame and my weight I find myself struggling to maintain it. Since the issues I hear about on a daily basis have to do with weight “loss” I just might have some bits of insight to offer.

America seems to be obsessed with food; I constantly hear about carbs, fat and sugar. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is due to the massive attention it’s given in the media, which only perpetuate the problem. The question is, what came first, was it the media or our obsession with food? I think it’s fair to suggest the latter was first to show up.

What’s responsible for the attention we give to food and its hold on us? I mean, we keep hearing about it so, it’s definitely an issue with us. It has a lot of us feeling unhappy about our image also. People considered to be overweight are hardly represented in the media.

I see my weight as a problem too and I can only speak for myself. I’m no spring chicken so, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Mind if I share them?

1. Do what you love

This totally takes my mind off of everything that might be bothering me at the time so, it’s great therapy. I engage in my hobbies often; guess what I also forget to do?

2. Cook simple foods.

I’m literally cooking a pot of beans as I speak. I’m good for eating simple stuff not embellished with too much of this or that; high-calorie distractions, I call them. I’ll pour in some sweet corn to give it a bit of balance, but that’s it. I’ve often come across a salad when eating out, and I’ve discovered that the calories of the dressing often overtake that of the salad!

3. Take some time for yourself

I don't care what your commitments are, prayer or meditation are great ways to get to know yourself and God. Your body actually loves the chance to sit in silence and when we do this, It flourishes in ways we can’t see.

4. Refuse guilt when you go wrong

I’m talking here about the stresses that could bog me down. It’s easy for me to feel guilty after consuming a piece of decadent chocolate cake; even though it’s not likely to affect my weight in the slightest. I find that I have other things to be concerned about like sugar content. What’s the point of worrying about it though? I’ll just make it a point, move on and try and avoid a repeat performance.


5. Move it!

I’m not going to mention the dreaded word that begins with an “E”. Instead I’ll say that I actually enjoy moving my body. An early morning walk or a quick drive down to my gym does the trick. I don’t spend a lot of time moving though, neither will you find me at the gym daily. When I do go, however, I’m in for a fully focused thirty minutes, and then I'm out.

6. Focus on and expect what you want

Rather than focusing on food, which isn’t my issue (except, how to eat more of it), I focus on the things I want to do or to be. I want to visit the beach more often and chat with strangers. (The beach is literally across the street but the novelty’s worn off.) I want to get out and about more, I want to help people as well. Unfortunately, people look at you funny around here when you offer them help without being a part of an agency or an institution or just having a formal reason to do so. I’m building my business too and my mind is on it a great deal.

7. Therapy won't hurt you

I’ve been to therapy in the past, several times, and for other reasons but I love it! One reason is that I appreciate the way it helps me to see what I don’t know that I don’t know. I always try to make myself a better person so I welcome the feedback. Overindulgence usually points to something in our lives that is out of place. In turn, it results in sorrow or depression. However, one should have an open disposition and trust who it is they’re opening up to. It doesn’t have to be a therapist, it could be a pastor or a patient friend. These peple can make a valuable contribution to the dilemmas that we can’t see on our own.

8. Find the balance in stuff

Work is usually a great source of stress and it can be the reason we’re not doing too well in life. I work digitally on the Internet. I’m being educated about how it all comes together. It's something I’ve wanted for years. I also reach out and tell others about it, you know, to give them a chance to join if it’s what they want. It can be quite lucrative. It leaves me with a feeling of happiness (for many reasons) and a sense of accomplishment every time I conquer a learning challenge. It’s crucial that your work brings you an element of freedom, joy and contentment. We’re not getting any younger you know; at least, I’m not. The right occupation should leave us feeling this way. When it’s the right work, life just feels easier.

There are plenty of people in this online cyberspace community; yes, and from around the world. There’s also a lot of help from them too because we ultimately have similar goals and that’s to be financially free and doing what we’ve always wanted. The professional and friendly customer service team is just a few clicks away. There’s even over the shoulder mentors that will teach you more intimately about the things you may be challenged with. This depends on what level you’re on. You can work anywhere that can accommodate a laptop too, and that’s anywhere in the world! Every now and then I’m given the opportunity to travel to a work event, here, or abroad to see my friends in the flesh.

I’m sighing with relief because my days of frustration are over!

Hopefully, there's a lot here

This is a lot to take our minds off of food. Unfortunately, though nothing happens until we take action. I’m still searching for a way to keep mind on mind on it!


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