Letting Go In Recovery

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 let go

;to stop thinking about or being angry about the past or something that happened in the past:

She finds it hard to let go of a grudge. You need to let the past go and forgive those who have hurt you.

Hi it's Dermot again. If you read my last blog from 30th April, you will know that this is a follow up to that blog and part of a "Recovery from Addiction Series", If not read on:

Letting Go

I'm sure all of you are familiar with the song from Disney's Frozen "Let It Go". If you listen to the lyrics I need not write anymore.

In recovery letting go can be a very confusing process, as HOW do you know if you are letting go or not and WHEN will you know when you have let go.

Letting Go is not a intelectual excercise, but an emotional one. How do you feel.

Letting Go, is not a destination, but a journey that we all experience every day. Every time you make a decision, you have let go of the previous decision

How to free yourself from yourself

—What is meant by letting go.
—What are emotions.
—Self defeat to self enhancement.
—Embracing the positive & letting go of the negative.

What is meant by letting go?

—Handing over
—It is not resignation, as that only re enforces a lack, or being deprived of an attachment.

What are Emotions

—E(nergy) in motion – Emotions are fluid and ever changing through feeling.
—Self belief or way we feel about the world and our place in it.
—Mostly negative in addiction due to constant negative experiences and familiarity.
—Fear is the biggest emotion in addiction, however it can be replaced by Love.


—As we become more consciously aware in recovery of our negative feelings, our ego will start to tell us that the un known is a very scary place, we will continue to resist change through fear.
—The opposite of negative is positive, either way around – so focus on positive and it will replace the negative, or let go of the negative and it will be replaced by positive.

Self defeat to self enhancement

—To let go of a negative feeling and emotion, you have to accept it first and not resist it.
—Feel the feeling in you ( most powerful first e.g. guilt).
—Notice it as a physical sensation.
—Let go of the thought.
—Follow the feeling.
—Thank it for being there & Let it Go
—Repeat, repeat, repeat, until it goes…
—As simple as that

Embracing the Positive & Letting go of the negative.

—If you continue to let go of your feelings and emotions, your inner mantra will change from I Can’t & Won’t to I Can and Will.
—As your negative emotion is let go, so will all negative thoughts around that emotion also disappear.
—Mentally you will be more aware.
—Spiritually you will more loving.
—Physically you will be more energised.


—Letting Go in recovery is essential if we want a contented life (Steps 2,3, 11 & 12).
—Letting Go is a simple process, but you have to keep working on your conscious awareness for it to work for you.
—Don’t listen to your ego (small self) as it will tell you it doesn’t work.
—Let your divinity (bigger self) shine through and you will feel wonderful.

Practice, practice, practice…….

My next blog is on Motivation
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Recovery is about growth and everyone does grow at a different pace. My advice to anyone in early recovery is to wait at least 2 years before making any major life changing decisions that might have emotional ramifications. An example: get a mortgage, get married, change career, emigrate. In light of this everyone has dreams and we all do want to better our lives in one way or another, so it is important in early recovery to start to put those dreams into reality by creating achievable goals which can be reached in time. I found in my early recovery, although I had dreams, I wasn’t aware of creating goals and my life unfolded by default. It turned out well for me, but had I had clear goals, I do feel that it would have been even better.

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