Active Stem-My 90 Day Trial - Introduction

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Want to slow down the aging process?

Want to improve your brain function?

Want to increase vitality and feel more energetic?

Want to enhance your joint and muscle strength?

Want to enhance the body's ability to heal itself?

Once we hit a certain age, I'd say there are not too many people who would answer "no" to any of the above questions including me.


On the 25th January 2017, I came across an ad on Facebook for a product from LCR Health called Active Stem. I'm very selective about the ads I click on, and even then I tend to shut them down pretty quick. But not this one. Doctor Rand Mcclain presented. I must say, I was very impressed by the fact he looked fit, vibrant and healthy. I appreciate people who walk their talk. His credentials are very impressive too. You can check them out under his bio at

I'm ashamed to say I actually watched a 52:29 minute ad - but you know what, 52:30 minutes after starting the ad I made a purchase of 90 days worth of Active Stem.

What is Active Stem?

It's a supplement consisting of a blend of ingredients designed to increase your body's natural ability to produce adult stem cells.

What are stem cells?

Unique cells that enhance the body's ability to heal itself.

Stem Cells and Aging

The rate at which we age has been proven to be determined by our DNA, however, studies have proven that this rate can be slowed down by boosting the number of adult stem cells in our bodies.

What are Stem Cells Responsible For?

As we grow, they are responsible for generating new tissue.

Once we are fully grown, they regenerate and repair damaged and aging tissue.

What's in Active Stem?

1 serve of Active Stem contains:

Calories: 10

Total Carbohydrates: 1g

Vitamin D: 2,000 IU

Propriety Blend (L-Leucine, Blueberry Fruit, Green Tea Leaf Extract, L-Carnosine): 1,400 mg

Other Ingredients: natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, sucralose, silica and grape skin extract (color)

Basic Benefits of the 5 Main Ingredients:

Green Tea Leaf Extract - loaded with powerful antioxidants, improves brain function, supports energy and contain bio-active compounds which have protective effects on neurons.

L-Leucine - the most powerful of all the amino acids for triggering muscle growth.

L-Carnosine - anti-oxidant, a combination of 2 amino acids which acts strongly in preventing cognitive decline, prevents and can reverse eye cataracts and assists in wound healing.

Blueberry extract - antioxidant, decreases inflammation, can protect against heart disease and breast cancer.

Vit D - predominately involved in the health of teeth and bones, but also helps with the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system. 800UI/day has been shown to reduce the risk of fractures incurred by the elderly by 20%.

And, to top it all off, these are 5 of the most powerful stem cell ingredients know to man.

Why have I decided to take on the Active Stem 90 Day Trial?

The information I have presented to you so far is probably reason enough


I am curious to know

How Much Better Can I Feel?

My Stats:


42 (with a biological age of 32)


I am predominately Vegan with the exception of the use of honey for the use of one green tea a day (sorry bees). I eat a high amount of fruit and veg. I do not drink coffee so I am sensitive to caffeine. Due to this, I find I am sensitive to green tea extract as well. I really notice the buzz.


Having worked in the fitness industry for around 16 years, exercise is an essential part of my day. I cycle 100km's and run 10km's per week. I strength train twice a week. I stretch regularly and if I get the chance I love grabbing out one of my old BodyBalance DVD's for a session.


I love my sleep and usually get 8 hours a night. In bed by 10pm 6 days a week. As far as the 7th night goes, I enjoy a few beverages so bed time can be a wee bit later.

General Wellbeing:

I feel fit, strong, healthy and energetic.

My Aging process:

Yeah, there's a few lines and wrinkles going on in the facial area. Gravity has started taking control of a few bits and pieces too. Overall, there's nothing serious, but enough for me to notice.

Regarding my training, I have noticed my cycling times dropping slightly, mind you, I am pushing my legs harder when I strength train and I am cycling a harder course - which could explain why. Time will tell. Should I notice my times improve whilst consuming Active Stem then maybe the drop in times are due to aging.

There you have it, you now know the basics of what Active Stem is about and where I am at prior to starting the Active Stem 90-day challenge.

I plan to give you a weekly update via this blog site which I will post to my Facebook page, FunNat-ical. Anything in between, I will post to my Facebook page as well. Feel free to connect with me via the Facebook link below.

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

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