Push For Personal Growth As You Would For Fitness

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In order to make improvements with our fitness, we need to up the anti with our fitness training in some way, be that incorporating sprints within a run, using drop sets within a weight training session or adding a hill training session within a cycling regime. It takes pushing ourselves harder so we are no longer training within our comfort zone.


By pushing ourselves harder we improve our fitness.

Isn't it funny, the fact that we can choose to push ourselves when it comes to our desire to improve our fitness, but when it comes to other factors of our lives we may choose to allow things to "roll" as normal and therefore allow ourselves to become very comfortable, even if that comfortable involves things we may not enjoy. 


For example, we may continue to remain in a job we no longer enjoy simply because it provides us with the familiar things we have become comfortable with, for example:

  • minimum weekly income
  • set working hours
  • knowledge of daily duties
  • work mates
  • office politics

....the list goes on.


To improve our life in some way we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone just as we would push ourselves beyond comfort in a training session for increased fitness.


Without experiencing discomfort we can not move forward.

I remember becoming very comfortable in my job working in the fitness industry. I did not realize how comfortable I was until the job was taken away from me - and I'd say that was the very reason the job was taken away from me - I had become too comfortable which meant I was stagnating rather than moving forward with my personal growth.

(FYI: I worked in a fitness center that was owned by the Government. The Government decided to shut it down and sell it off)

I am so glad life pushed me outside my comfort zone. I ended up with a job that was at the complete opposite end of the spectrum when compared to the fitness industry, that being, working as an asbestos air monitoring technician. Looking back I realize I should have chosen to leave the fitness industry a lot sooner.

I had become stagnant!

Stagnant in a way that prevented change mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Working as an Air Monitoring Technician had me facing insecurities.

Facing these insecurities head on enabled me to; 

  1. learn more about the person I am
  2. learn more of what it was I desired
  3. enable me to fine-tune my ability to create more of what it was I desired

Due to the amount of change my new job faced me with and continues to face me with on a daily basis, I am now easily able to recognize when I have become too comfortable. I now have the power to choose to push myself in some area of my life.

"So what have I done to push myself lately?" you may ask.

I made the decision to start my own business, a business which I feel will tick all of the boxes regarding the way I desire to earn income.

With starting this new business comes fine tuning my headspace to ensure I have the right mindset to create my desire, just as I did when moving from the fitness industry to the asbestos industry.


It involves peeling off those so-called "layers", layers that will eventually show the true "me". A "me" of true joy, peace, happiness, gratitude, and love!


I now choose to push myself for personal growth just as I would for increased fitness.

I kind of figure if I do not make the choice myself, life will have a way of forcing me to anyway. 

Yours In Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

P.S. If you are interested to find out more about the business I have started, click the link below. It will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about how you can work from home, on your own terms and eventually in a way that provides you with more time freedom to do the things you enjoy, (like go for a run during any part of the day you choose).

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