Remove Your Mental Blockages For Success

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To become successful at anything you need to remove your mental blockages. By blockages, I mean your fears and doubts.  Without removing these you will not move forward. Without removing the mental "stuff" that blocks you from progress, you will never be successful.

Sure, you can educate yourself 

Read books

Participate in courses

But it you are not taking action and putting what you have learned into action then all the knowledge you may have gained is useless. 

If you are not in a state of action, even if you have the knowledge, then you have a "blockage" that needs to be worked through.

One of the first steps to overcoming a particular blockage is to become aware of your thoughts. Be your own observer of your own thoughts.

How do you do this?

You need to be able to bring yourself into the present moment.

Bring yourself into the present moment and listen to what you are saying to yourself inside your head.

"I can't do that"

"That never works out for me"

"You have to work hard to make a living"

"I need to hold on to my savings in case I lose my income in the future"

The list goes on.

I challenge you to become aware of your thoughts, the things you tell yourself and the things that cause you discomfort. Become aware of what your "issues" are.

Do not judge yourself harshly when you recognize your thoughts are not so productive. Be thankful you have made yourself aware of an issue. You are now able to deal with it.

How do you deal with it?

Being aware of it is the first step.

Remaining in the present moment as much as possible so you become aware every time your thoughts head in the direction of your issue.

As soon as you recognize the unproductive thought ask yourself, "is this thought helping me achieve my goals or driving me further away from achieving my goals?" 

When you understand your thoughts are not helping you achieve your desires, be thankful you have recognized that thought as nothing can be overcome if it is not brought out into the open, then let the thought go.

You might replace the thought with:

"Of course I can do that. I can do anything I put my mind to"

"It hasn't worked for me before because I gave it one attempt. I wasn't consistent. I gave up. I can do it if I commit and remain consistent"

"Why should I have to work hard to make a living? I can work smart to make a life"

"It's O.K. to spend money as it will be replenished 10 fold"

To summarize:

  • Practice being in the present moment.
  • Recognize when an unproductive thought has entered your mind
  • Be thankful for recognizing it
  • Do not judge yourself for having the thought
  • Question the thought. Is it bringing you closer to your desires or further away from them?
  • When you realize it is taking you away from your desires, let the thought go. You can replace the thought with another thought that will bring you closer to your desires.
  • Do this ever time you recognize the same thought.

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural

Donna Dekker.

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