Kill yourself with Drugs and Subscription Pills

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Cancer, Anxiety, Flu, Body Pains, Depression, Low Energy, Skin Disorders....and the list goes on.

Begin Here.

Everyone single one of us are familiar with a particular ailment or disease that we are uncomfortable with or sometimes even dying of! I am here to tell you that not some but almost all of us are using medicated prescription drugs to ease our health wars. 

This blog speaks on the unecessary use of drugs, and supplements, and the alternatives to using them.

A Dilemma.

The experience severe stress related and uncontrollable anxiety, allowed me to start my first relationship with prescription drugs, just in order to stabilize my daily panic attacks. 

This was my daily routine. I felt in dearth of life. No energy, and afraid all the time. In the end this was a good thing. In a moment of revelation, i decided to take a stance on my current and health status. 

A Pill a day keeps the Doctor Away...

The prescription was antidepressants and tranquilizers that my doctor recommended. Did it help in the short run? Yes. Was it good for the long run? Definitley not.

I had learnt that making peace with using drugs to support my daily life, still did not make me satisfied. This due to the fact that these drugs had serious side effects and risked triggering new diseases in my body. In my situation obesity among many other risks. Our doctors and pharamcies do not want us to know the consequences behind using prescription drugs, after all it is a billion dollar industry across the globe.

Statistics depicts a projection of 811 billion dollars in drug revenue between the periods of 2018 and 2022. This will further increase in years to come.

Here are some of the effects of abusing prescription drugs:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sporadic blood pressure (depending on the medication)
  • Elevated body heat and siezures
  • Cardiovascular errors
  • Paranoia 
  • Insomia and Nausea
  • Weight Gain / Weight Loss
  • Death (If used in deadly combinations)

The above are a few named of from many more life threatning diseases. It is in our subconcious mind to seek from pharmacies prescribed (and un-prescribed) drugs to help us with our ailments. We are driven to these decisions as advertsing and media promotes this lifestyle and suggestions.

Please do not mis-understand me, there are time when we need prescribed drugs, for instance, if you break your hand, you will require pain killers. However the very opposite situations where we are healthy should not tempt us to swallow medication if need not be.

The Step Beyond

So, it was then that i took a second stance in healing myself as when i discovered through a friend a beautiful science called AYURVEDA.

A traditional Indian medicine practice which in Sanskrit means "Science of Life". This practice engages in longetivity and promotes consistent health and prevention from diseases.

The uniquness of the individual: Each of us are unique in a different way, and therefore our foods must be unique to this bodily constitution we each have. 

The bodily consititutions means that each one of us are composed of the 5 elements of life: Fire, Water, Air, Ether, Earth

The Ayurvedic Concept: If the elements are imbalanced in our body, we get sick. This then leads us to prescribed drugs. When they are balanced - the end product is pure energy and well-being. 

After seeing an Auyurvedic doctor, i began to realise that there was no reason to use my prescribed drugs anymore. Eating the correct food that was compatible to my body, meant that my food was my medicine and my medicine was my food!

In Summary

The reason i decided to share this article with you is to inform you that using prescribed drugs during unecessary times are a pure waste of money and health. Engaging in the science of Ayurveda, helped me save thousands of dollars and prevented me from the risk of contracting other diseases by using these harmful drugs. 

My final word is to please always consider the use of prescription drugs as there many alternatives that i believe will help you as it did myself.

To your Health!

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