5 things to lift your spirits

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What's the plan?

What is the encouragement plan when we don't feel so good? We all feel a little depressed every now and then; even if it only last's for just a few hours. Don't be hard on yourself because feeling low is a natural occurrence. If it's possible to feel really good and have a natural high, the opposite is also true; it's how we can bring ourselves out of a slump.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Catch Up With An Old Friend.

Even if we don't feel like talking; they're our friends for a reason. They'll probably understand what you're we're going through and I'm sure that they'll be glad to at least provide a listening ear.

2. Keep Things Moving

There's nothing like physical movement of some sort to give you the motivation you desperately need. Once you get moving, it can be energizing, encouraging us to move some more.


The way you talk to yourself matters


3. Do What We Love To Do 

Engage in an old hobby. This is sure to change our mindsets. I like to draw, or visit the gym, write or just browse around the stores. It's impossible to remain in the same negative mindset once engaged in something you love to do.


4. Control our Minds.

Our thoughts are usually the culprit when we feel down. The good thing is that changing those same thoughts to positive ones can make us snap out of it. We' also need to monitor our thoughts daily if this is to work.

5. Do Something For Someone Else

It's always a generous idea to offer help to someone who needs it. It can be quite engaging to help a friend around the house or to run an errand for them. This will also get your our minds off of ourselves.

Hopefully, these tips get us back to high spirits. Or you can step and repeat until they do.

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