Your 90 Day Health & Fitness Plan in 10 Easy Steps:

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Your 90 Day Health and Fitness Plan in 10 Easy Steps:

  1. Mindset

  2. Reflection

  3. Goal Setting

  4. Mentor

  5. Priorities

  6. Prep the Pantry

  7. Activity

  8. Sleep / Recovery

  9. Supplements

  10. Commitment

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1 - Mindset

There is only one possible outcome here: you will succeed, daily, for 90 days.

Believe in that one outcome. Before you even think about what the goal will be, know that you will be successful. Wrap everything you are into that positive mindset.

This is your 90 day plan. Embrace it.

2 - Reflection

Within a controlled environment, identify the doubts and barriers. These include past experiences and the daily complications that you will be faced with. Write it all out.

Read it through, and think it through. Anything else to add? What is motivating you?

Now here’s the fun part. Write it all again, but this time keep all of the negative material out of it. That traffic you sit in every morning? Doesn’t exist. That diet you botched back in 2016? Never happened.

Write your new story with overflowing positivity.

3 - Goal Setting

Goals are dreams that we really have to shoot for. So go BIG.

90 pounds in 90 days? Cool. Put it down.

Going from 5 pushups to 100 without stopping. Awesome!

Couch to 10k Trail-run? Yes please!

Goals are meant to be ambitious. Don’t be shy.

4 - Mentor

Bring that crazy goal of yours to the right coach. You have already done the Mindset and Reflection work, right? If not, turn around and get to it!

Unsure of who the right coach is? Send me an IM on Facebook or email me here.

Maybe I’ve coached you in the past. Well, I am happy to do it again. Regardless, I’ll get you in front of the right person.

A mentor is not the buddy you have at the gym, advice from Askmen, or an article on running… No more than a charmer with great teeth is a dentist.

Benefit from someone who has focused on these topics for decades, and has the knowledge that will help you reach your ambitious goal. I belong to a network of coaches, all working together towards maximum client results. Synergy at it's finest!

5 - Priorities

Carrying the torch at the Olympics Opening Ceremony is an honor.

When presented with that task, a person commits to it. You train physically to carry it. You focus on the privilege. Humility and gratitude guide you.

Your Mentor is responsible for taking your goal and creating an actionable plan to get there. If it were me, I would lay the path out in front of you.

My job is to be hard on you. To call it straight.Your job is to perform with integrity, each and every day. This goal of yours requires your full attention.

Your ability to focus will be measured by the end result.

6 - Prep the Pantry

This topic used to confuse people, but the internet is flooded with great articles on grocery shopping along the perimeter. Choose fresh, unprocessed items when possible.


High quality complex carbs are essential. If your goal is weight loss, this is where you will reduce your intake slightly. Remove simple sugars. They are cheap and useless. 

Fats are restricted to good healthy options. You are not allowed to cut these out of your diet! The poor advice on the internet regarding fat intake confuses most people. Healthy fat options include fish oil and nuts.

Proteins are non-negotiable. Never cut these from your diet. Nearly all of you are eating far less protein than your body requires. This is something we will discuss.

Avoid the advertising traps! Stop lying to yourself, and look at what you are eating. Fair enough?

Your flavored yogurt is sugar. So what if it has a little protein and fat. It’s almost entirely sugar. Go for plain Greek yogurt instead.

Peanut Butter is fat. A little protein is included, but it’s just a good fat.

Milk is sugar. All milk.

Stop digging for the “few exceptions” out there. Be honest with your grocery purchases, and the food that will be available to you when cravings hit will align with your big goal.

Still confused? If you live in the region of Indianapolis, Indiana, I invite you to register for one of my Free Nutritional Workshops. Request a Seat Here. For everyone else, click the same link and request a "Virtual Seat" online. Spots are limited, so contact me early.

7 - Activity



Start slow, pay attention to the complaints from your body, and gradually increase both the duration and intensity. Your joints need to be trained first. Essentially, we are creating a new normal for you.

No one is telling you to run a marathon. Along with walking and a moderate full-body exercise routine, add in multi-joint actions. An example of this could be something as simple as picking a suitcase up from the floor and bringing it to your chest. Bend your knees and use as much of your body as possible.

Get creative and participate in unusual recreational activities. A hot air balloon ride will get you out of bed early, take you out of your comfort zone, and show you that trying something new can be spiritually rewarding.


Analyze your program. Have you fallen into a complacent routine, where you repetitively do a similar series of actions when you exercise? Your body needs variation.

If there are activities that you avoid doing because you aren’t good at them, then those are exactly the things you should be doing.



Caution yourself on overtraining. The addictive side of exercise and hormone release makes it easy for us to “need” the gym every day. I applaud your commitment to exercising. Now stop it.

These people are typically the ones who obsess over their workouts, nutrition and supplementation, but do not sleep as much as they should. The result is accumulated stress on and in the body. Secondary complications are common.

Your total health matters. Not just what you can see.

8 - Sleep / Recovery

Overlooked and under appreciated until the weekend…

The sleep debt you put yourself into on a regular basis comes with consequences.

Your ambitious goal requires increased activity. That means increased connective tissue damage and metabolic re-building. Sleep is where all of the magic healing happens.

Although there are ways to support a small portion of your recovery through supplementation, nothing will ever compare to a good rest.

Overstimulating your mind late into the evening by watching tv, playing on your phone, or even listening to music, will impact your ability to fade into your pillow.

At least an hour before your scheduled bedtime, shut everything down. Even the book… Slow your mind. Enter the ritual of sleep. After a week of this, the reward you feel from the additional 20 or 30 minutes of rest each night will far outweigh whatever imagined benefit you felt from being entertained late at night.

If you use those distractions as a way to fill a void in your life (honestly, we all do), then I will remind you of the earlier steps on Mindset and Reflection. Your goal is more important than any app or streaming service…

9 - Supplements

Why is this such a dirty word?

People have such mixed feelings about supplements, and they are almost always completely wrong about them!

If you have product loyalty to some homeopathic brand found at your favorite natural remedy boutique, then I don’t even know how to begin to help you…

Choose supplements that are science-based, and put through a high level performance test. I have news for you. Most of the herbal Chinese remedies we embrace here in America are not actually used by anyone in Asia. It’s great marketing though!

Independent studies are so rare, that the companies that actually do it boast about it proudly, usually right on the label. Has the company creating that product been around for a while? If not, don't be the first one to eat what they are selling.

Endorsements from athletes? Two kinds here. Athletes that are paid, and athletes who receive a product allowance. Obviously, the professional athletes who stand behind a product that pays them zero money are the ones to listen to. I would pay attention to recommendations from someone like American Football star Drew Brees, who embraced the product allowance for supplements that sped up his injury recovery and field performance.

As a coach, supplements are always part of the daily discussion. From protein and multivitamins, to ailment-specific and goal-specific options. There are so many choices to sort through, that you really must have a knowledgable Mentor who can direct you on what is available and appropriate for you.

Never guess when it comes to supplementation. For more guidance on this, reach out to me here.

10 - Commitment

90 days seems like forever… until the first ten days are over.undefined After that, it’s easy.

Momentum is nothing more than consistent action.

Wake in the morning feeling rested. Take a handful of supplements that your Mentor helped you select. Lace up your shoes and get active.

In the beginning, new behaviors like activity and taking supplements will be the biggest challenge. Do them first. Get through them, and claim that small victory for the day.

By day-10 you will settle into a rhythm. There is a cumulative effect to a balanced program. The longer you stick to it, the bigger the benefit.

If you screw up, take a look at your Mindset and Reflection steps, and make sure a bigger issue is not getting in your way. We all slip up every now and again. Regain your balance, and get to it.


The reality is that 90 days is not a long time.


The right Focus. The right Mentor. The right Plan.

Do that, and...

In one Season, completely changing your lifestyle is easy. 

Good nutrition. Smart exercise. Extra sleep. Daily supplementation.


What you will find is that along the 90-day journey, you will unleash energy and motivation. The way that you approach health and fitness will be challenged and corrected. By the end of the Season, you will believe in new possibilities.

Now that you have seen what you can accomplish, your next goal will be even more ambitious than this one…


For 20 years, I have been called Mentor, Coach, Trainer, Instructor, and Consultant.

Traveling the world to help others reach their potential has brought me to many wonderful places, both inside and out.

Shown here in Nepal, as happy as always to let the universe drive. You can reach me directly at this link. 

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