Your Health Is your Wealth,

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Looking after your health is a lifelong journey starting as soon as you become aware of the fact it is your body to look after.

Marketing has become such a big thing people are being sucked into so many things that are detrimental to your health.

Eating a plant-based diet has become a way of life for me that continuously makes me think about my intake into my body. I tell myself, "my food is my medicine".

Learning about a plant-based diet has been something we were aware of & never paid a lot of attention to.  We thought we had exceptional health.

We golf 3-5Xs a week while in Canada & bicycle 2Xs a day while in Florida & golf when the weather suits us. I used to walk 1.7 miles every a.m. until my breathing became so bad I needed to stop the walking or take drugs to allow me to walk that distance, (so I thought). Now that I have cut out most dairy products my breathing has improved. I've started walking again (shorter distances) that I plan to increase daily.

We have been attending Dr. Williams' lunch & learn classes to improve our health. We are given a healthy lunch & a bottle of water at the beginning of each class. Dr. Williams speaks at the beginning of the class & introduces us to speakers & writers that have done successful studies on humans. Dr. Williams explained how some studies are done & published.  Approximately 76%  of the trials of drugs are not published. The corruptness in our drug industry is heinous. Some Drug Companies, Doctors, Corporations,  & Government Relationships are inappropriate.

Doctors often don't understand all the details of the drugs but are willing to allow patients to try in hope of good results.

When you are sick, most people will do what their Dr. tells them. I remember reading that the drug company's keep working with groups of Doctor's until they get the results they want to publish. Trace where the money is coming from to understand why this is allowed by our governments.


Our Dr. friend often reminds us that physicians are practicing medicine. Guess who they are practicing on?  "Ouch."

We only get one chance at this life & one body to look after. Choosing independence is a big step. We must do our own due diligence & educate ourselves as to what makes our body work at its best.

We are all unique. What works for one doesn't always work for another. 

You may want to read books by Doctors that are proving things the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to hear. What is the truth?  What is a lie?

5 great books with some of the best-kept secrets may be found in the following books. #1. 4 leaf guide to vibrant health. #2. Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease. #3. The China Study #4The Starch Solution.

There are many great recipes & information available in the above reading. Enjoy. XO.

The film that can save your Life is " Forks over knives." It is convincing, radical and politically volatile.

Are you ready to make some wise changes in your life? Build an online business and be in control. Pat. XO

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