Part 2 - *Attention Skeptics* (Like me!) Home based internet biz is legit. Here's why.

by Kyle Erickson Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews
How else can one make money on the Internet? Ok, so yeah, my skepticism has dwindled a bit with selling physical products online through Amazon FBA.  However, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. But as far as I'm concerned, the ship has already sailed on all the other ways to make money online - the markets are all WAY too saturated (remember, I've been doing e-commerce for 2 months now, I'm an expert). So what about ...
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Goals & Visualisation

by Ryan Tate Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement, Home and Family
I awake naturally well rested at 6ish. we're staying in a luxurious coastal private villa in Indonesia, surrounded by thick tropical gardens. My wife Anna, & our two daughters Mikayla and Keisha are still asleep. I venture to the roof which is well elevated above the breaking surf below. I spend 45 minutes stretching and doing yoga. The room is open aired, & spoilt by 365 degree views of mountains in the distance, waterfalls and lush jungle with walling crystal ...
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The choice: whether be happy or not

by Laura Albiero Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
1. I got up early this morning and I took my hot coffee. I felt tired and I just wanted to have more rest. I was distracted when I got out, I walked looking at my phone, I took the underground and it was crowded. I was annoyed by all these people and by the little girl who leant on me. I arrived at work and I could not focus, because I felt overwhelmed by all anxieties and worries of ...
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*Attention Skeptics* (Like me!) Home based internet biz is legit. Here's why. - Part 1

by Kyle Erickson Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Home and Family, Reference and Education
Is Home Based Internet Business for real? I hate how skeptical I am.  So much so that I'm going to write about it as a form of therapy, ok?  In the next 3 blog posts I'm going to outline why I'm no longer *as* skeptical about making a full time income from home, on the internet.  To start the series and to kick off my very first blog post, I'm going to talk about how I got started with e-commerce: Amazon ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Home and Family
Have you ever thought about financial & spiritual destiny? Really, it's just planning today for tomorrow. Remember to enjoy today, because tomorrow may not come. As a financial planner, I had great joy in watching people's portfolios grow as they were planning for a wonderful financial future. Their  belief systems grew also as they could look forward to an exciting future. Finances can affect people physically, mentally, emotionally, socially & spiritually. In some countries not being able to afford medical attention is very depressing & ...
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Could Your Dog Make You Money?

by Mark Dwyer Arts and Entertainment, Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Pets, Reference and Education
See Cosmo here? He's a loyal dog. He may chase the postman every now and then. He may try and steal a piece of toast in the morning. But he's got your back.  And if you had a great idea, like realising a photo such as this one of Cosmo could end up earning you thousands and thousands in repeat royalties, he'd gladly stick a bowler hat on his head for the next photo. Thousands and thousands of royalty income could mean a ...
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Who Controls Our Health ?

by David and Pat Sitko Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Are we waiting for a Mother, Doctor or a Nurse or a spouse to tell us what to do in regards to our health. 1. To prevent sickness? 2.To fix your ailment? 3. Do we want to be better? 4.They will be sure to get qualified help when you need it. Our bodies were made to heal themselves. When we abuse our bodies by overeating, eating junk food or just bad eating habits we are welcoming ailments to enter our bodies and do as they like as ...
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by Lorraine Cuff Business, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Writing and Speaking
Do you really need to find your voice? Did it abandon you and take off on the first available flight? Many speakers have faced the challenge of finding their voice when on stage or giving a presentation at a meeting. Once the focus is on you the full awareness of the self can create a feeling of falling into the great abyss. fAt the office party or family gathering the feeling is fine. It's a mini audience and there seems ...
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Digital world - choice?

by Vera Lehar Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Digital World. Who doesn't know what that is in today's world? Maybe some elders, they just enjoy sitting in the sun on a lovely warm evening with a cup of tea, they don't have to rush anywhere, massage the brain, how they will go through the next day. But for you, grandma with grandchildren, and you the mother, working mostly full-time, the Digital World might answer many questions you might have about your life, beliefs, the way you use your time, take ...
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DESTINY between Nature and People

by David and Pat Sitko Relationships, Communications, Home and Family
911 call from mother goose. A police officer was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot close to a creek. While he was sitting there he noticed a goose came up to the car and started pecking on the side of the car. The officer threw some food out but the goose didn't take it. She just kept pecking and quacking. Then the goose walked away a short distance and looked back. Then came back and started pecking on the ...
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Is your life passing you by? Does your limited free time seem to pass by in a flash?

by Chris Sumner Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Life is moving too fast! Do you feel that the days just flash by? Do weekends just not seem long enough? Do you often find yourself thinking, "Surely, it cannot be Monday again already?" Your free time is precious to you, yet there is simply not enough of it. You work hard, sometimes giving that 110%. So you know and understand that your free time is going to be limited, but the little free time you do have just seems to pass by way ...
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Be The Good Guy Not The Nice Guy

by Mark Dwyer Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Finance, News and Society, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family
I've heard it said many times. "Nice guys finish last." People instantly go on the defence and say it's a lot of rubbish and the quote was made up by a "bad guy" who takes pleasure in defeating the "nice guy". But what if we take the bad guy out of the equation and compare the nice guy with the good guy. We start to delve into what really makes up the two types and see why the saying holds a lot of ...
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Never give up

by Vera Lehar Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Persistence, perservarence and patience. Have you seen the small, fragile flower growing in the most inhospitable, hard and seemingly lifeless places? Try to break the concrete, go through cement ground. I bet you that without power tools you won't be able even to scratch the surface. Where then, you might ask, does the dandelion take the strength to overcome such challenge? It almost looks like the law of physics is not applied here. But you see it everywhere. It is basically ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Home and Family
How do we we become mentaly and emotionally healthy?  What works for one doesn't always work for another. Having friends that you can share your feelings with helps build a bond of trust, safety and a place where you can be vulnerable and honest about how we feel or think. There have been times I didn't feel like I had anyone to go to for guidance. I found meditation worked for me and brought me to a calm relaxing state where I could rationalize ...
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A Day In The Life Of A Stock Market Trader

by Mark Dwyer Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Investing, Communications, Home and Family
Since beginning my £1 million Challenge, I've had a few messages asking what it is I do all day. So, for those interested, here's an average type day for a bloke trading the stock markets, playing Superman with his son and running a make money from home website. Bouncing Out Of Bed My alarm goes off at 5.45am. No this isn't because I feel the need to check what's been going on in Tokyo. At this time in the morning I couldn't give ...
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Just Do It!

by Alidia Ericsson Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Hi everyone! This is my first post for Just Ambition - Don't wait for opportunity, Create it! A series of posts about positive changes in our lives, opportunities and how to create them. We will delve into our mindset and set ourselves up for a life that we truely desire. After all if we don't do it, no one will! So stay tuned for a life less ordinary, for tips and tricks in pursuing your dream life! X
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Solving relationship problems

by Paschal E Nwanaji Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
What type of relationship do you have with yourself? If you feel like you want to grow as a person, but you do not know how, you are in luck. A positive outlook and the continual assimilation of new information are two key factors that increase your ability to succeed in your personal development plan. Use the tips in this article to expand your knowledge and help you achieve your goals for personal development. Always carry something you can record your ideas ...
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My Story About Staying Without a Job

by Mateja Grabner Home Based Business, Relationships, Home and Family
1. The introduction I am going to introduce you my story about that how I had got fired, after eleven years in the company. It was a long winter. It was not so cold, but there has been a lot of viruses, bacteria, etc. My children were then two and four years old. Both were visiting a kindergarten. You can assume what was happening that winter from those facts I gave to you. I will tell you anyway. 2. Events in that winter Almost every ...
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The Syrian Violin

by Mark Dwyer Arts and Entertainment, News and Society, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Every now and then a story comes along of someone who's fought against all the odds from a truly heartbreaking situation to fulfil their dream. This young man's story should inspire anyone who reads it. A Young Man And His Dream In 2015, a young Syrian by the name of Rami was studying music in the city of Homs. His dream was to become a world famous violinist. As the conflict in Syria worsened, the young man had no option but to flee in ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Where do you think we see and hear many, many beautiful cooing doves? Yes in Florida, it's hard to miss them while walking or biking as they startled us. They seem to like to be on the road  where we bike or walk to surprise us. There color blends in very well so their preditors  don't really see them. The doves must feel safe on the road because they frighten us frequently when they scuddle by when they are learning to fly. One year when ...
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