3 ways to stay on top of your Facebook posting over the holidays

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If your marketing plan involves posting to Facebook it is very important to keep posting over the Christmas and holiday period, even if you are not officially working. How can you do this and take a break?

You will need to writing as many posts as you need to get you through this period and then use one of these two options for publishing.

1. Many of you will have found that Facebook has a scheduling option. You will find this is located in the drop down button attached to the PUBLISH button. If you use this option I suggest you set up a system where you record which post will be posted on which day because it is very easy to get distracted when you are setting this up and scheduling a post. You may find you don’t remember which day you are scheduling the current post for and double up and miss a day. Have a plan.

2. Use scheduling software like www.buffer.com (see video above). If you only have one social media account it is free. If you have more it is about $10USD a month. You can enter your post straight into Buffer and it will post to Facebook when you tell it to. You can set up different times and days depending on when your audience is expecting to hear from you. Try to be predictable. You can get a plug in for Buffer for your Wordpress site too so you could schedule your posts on your blog, these will go Buffer and then Buffer will post to Facebook. This is useful if you want to write big posts and you want them on your website as well as Facebook. Buffer allows you move the order of your posts around too. I like buffer as it comes with a Chrome add-on that allows me to Buffer articles I like from Google to re-share. It allows me to add my comments and then adds the post to the Buffer que. Check out this video link for more information about Buffer https://youtu.be/5hJLTuQq4WQ

3. Repurpose old blog posts. It is said that a person needs to see something 7 times to take something in or buy something. Chances are people didn’t see it the first time or may not have even been a subscriber when you posted it the first time. You need to read your post and see if it can be improved. Your blog writing skills may have improved since you wrote it the first time. You might add a different photo or change the title a little.

Happy holidays. Happy blogging.

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