A Digital Lifestyle - My Story

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Are You Stuck In Life?

Or have you been? I have!

Just wish to share my story of how I ended up with my digital lifestyle. Hopefully, I can inspire you to follow YOUR passion in life. I start from the beginning in this email. 

A few years ago I got stressed just by thinking of my job. Felt unhappy and that I did not have enough time for my family. I also had a bad conscious over thinking this way. There I was, having a well-paid job since 10 years, suitable for my university exam in Psychology. Had a great family with 2 wonderful, healthy sons and a loving husband. A nice house, 2 cars, well just about everything many of us dream of having. 

What was wrong with me? Why did I not feel satisfied?

Looking back, I had always been the good girl with excellent grades, lots of friends and the person who everybody asked at work. Now I had lost my spark! Every day was the same. Dropping off the kids at school, daycare and dog daycare (3 different places), go to work and make everybody else satisfied, picking up the kids and dog, driving to their activities, cooking dinner, helping with homework, go to bed too late and the same procedure the next day. Is there not anything more than this in life I kept asking myself. 

So one day I just went to my boss office and handed in my resignation. Can you imagine how that felt?!! Have you ever dreamed of doing that?

I just did it!! Luckily my husband supported my decision. I was happy and terrified at the same time. Why? Because I did not have a new job, a great plan or loads of money and this was definitely out of my comfort zone....

This was the beginning of something new... although I did not know what it was at that time. 

I will tell you more next time. Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Wishing you a wonderful day! :-)

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