A Digital Lifestyle - My Story, Part 2. A Great Adventure!

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A Great Adventure

Hi again!
Hope you are having a wonderful day! Today I have been on a children´s fair in Stockholm. I love things for kids, especially baby strollers. This time, I just bought some toys and clothes.
Kids is also a subject of today when I continue my story about my journey over the last few years.
So, handing in my resignation is of course quite drastic and not necessary on the path to a digital lifestyle. But I did not know that then, I actually had no knowledge at all about digital lifestyles or where I was heading.
At the same time, I was leaving my job, we found out that we were expecting our third child. The timing was not the best but we were, of course, happy. 
I had a rough pregnancy which ended with a new wonderful baby boy, our third son. I spent a long time with him at home. When he was 2 years old he started daycare. Now I was finally going to take real action on my situation regarding work.

What was I going to do with my life? 

I ended up starting university again, studying from a distance. This time in a whole new area, marketing. It was interesting but mostly theory and I felt this could be another 3 1/2 years studying. Since I already had a university exam I was not willing to do that.
I wanted something more, something that could make me learn the skills I needed faster and in a better way. Therefore, I started searching the internet for Digital Marketing courses since I felt that was the most interesting niche. 
During this time my husband had sold/quit his business and we suddenly thought we would make a new adventurous decision. We actually bought a little terrace house in Gran Canaria, Spain. We were planning to live there during the Winter (my husband would be home with our youngest son on paternity leave while I was studying) and after that rent it out and hopefully earn some money. We wanted to encourage the whole family that everything is possible in life.
We ended up living in Gran Canaria for over 4 months during the Winter of 2015/2016. Our 2 schoolkids went to the Swedish school close to our house. I blogged during this time, here (in Swedish but there is a lot of photos if you want to check it out).
But what happened with my studies? That I will tell you next time.
Thanks for letting me share my story! Wishing you a fantastic and relaxing weekend!
View from our garden in Gran Canaria
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