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Today I´m going to tell you about one of my biggest interests, compact living! As long as I can remember, compact living has always fascinated me. To have everything you need in a small place.

As a child, my family had a caravan and we were camping around Sweden during the Summers. I only have good memories from that time. To have the family close, in a small space was so cosy. Maybe that is the reason I love compact living so much. 

As an adult, we have been lucky to be able to borrow my parent's camper. I love being mobile and not plan all the stops. Unfortunately, the camper only has four belted seats. In Sweden it doesn´t matter whether the camper is big, all passengers must have belts. So when we got our third child three years ago we could not longer use the camper. 

Last year we bought a caravan instead!

I made some changes, for example, a cosy little area under our bed for the kids and cats.


The kids actually wanted to sleep there!


Of course, our three indoor cats, Devon Rex, camped with us. Because of the small space a caravan provides I arranged an outdoor area where they could be safe and go in and out as they wanted through a tunnel. The cats also love camping. I think they, like me, enjoy having the family close. 


Inside the caravan I made cosy beds for the cats. In such a small place you have to take advantage of all the space and cats like being high up.


We have made the decision to sell our caravan since we are going to live in Gran Canaria, Spain for a long time now. We will experience compact living there as well (I will tell you more about this later). Also, we feel the freedom of a camper instead of a caravan is more our thing. In the future we will definitely buy a camper, a model the whole family can travel in.

I love keeping up to date of all the exciting models and I especially like the American campers with their slide outs. So smart!

Until we can buy our own camper I have to settle with camperpasta. ;-)


There will be more about compact living next time. 

Until then, take care!

All The Best!


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