D.I.Y Preventative Maintenence

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G’day everyone, summer is now at an end and while the weather is still good. It would be the perfect time to start your pre-winter D.I.Y Preventative Maintenance Schedule. As a builder, I get to see what happens when maintenance is left too long and how quickly it can blow your budget and turn into a high cost repair!

    D-I-Y-Preventative-Maintenance        D-I-Y-Preventative-Maintenance 

(In the pictures above) Water leaking from the gutters has caused the timber below to rot! So in order to help prevent this from happening. I have started a list of things that you can look for, that could be used as your guide to assist you in your maintenance schedule. I will add to this list over the next couple of weeks with some other tips.

Firstly, if you have a Tiled Roof, have a good look over the whole roof, you are looking for cracked tiles or concrete pointing missing on the ridge tiles. If you have any spare tiles, replace the broken or cracked ones, if you don’t have any spare tiles you can use some silicon on the broken piece and stick it back together, but make sure you replace it as soon as possible. Make a note to order some new standby tiles for the future!


(Repointing the ridge tiles)

If you need to repoint your ridge I would recommend using a Flexible Pointing Compound. There are several brands to choose from and should be available at your local hardware shop. Some come in a 10 litre bucket and are premixed ready to use!

Iron Rooves: Look for dents, kinks, rust or any missing screws. Rust stains around the screw is a sign that the neo washer might be damaged or missing so replace with a new screw and a fresh washer.(NOTE) do not over tighten screws as this can damage the neo washer.

Clean Gutters: Remove dirt and debris from gutter and downpipes, try running the garden hose in the gutter after cleaning. If the water pools, then the fall on the gutters are not correct and will need adjusting, as this can cause gutters to rust. Adjusting gutters can be quite difficult to do and will probably need a professional. If the pooled water is only about 10mm deep that is exceptable. At this point I recommend you get some wire mesh with about 10mm holes make a cup shape and place them over the downpipe holes. This will stop leaves from going down the downpipe and possibly blocking it, or you can pick up some of these item's pictured below(Gutter Guard Downpipe Filter) 


Next, Inspect the corners and joints thoroughly for leaks as this is the main problem area! If you notice they are leaking, Carefully remove old silicon using an old chisel, paint scraper and stanley knife. Clean and dry thoroughly and then add some new Gutter Silicon being careful to cover all the joints.                                                                                                 (NOTE)"Climbing on a roof is extremely dangerous so make sure you use proper safety procedures!"

Hopefully this will give you a trouble free winter with no leaks. 

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Yours faithfuly Kevin


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