A Source Of Experience, Strength, Hope and Guidance

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 Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a journey,a goal or a long term plan and find yourself asking, Why?
Why am i doing this? What was once an overwhelmingly enthusiastic endeavor has met the uncertainty wall.
The farther down the road we are,the easier it is to lose track of our initial motivation. Our Why!


 When we lose sight of what motivated us to take a certain path,We lose our vision, our mojo slowly diminishes,and we can feel lost.
Forgetting the reason or reasons that compelled us to start a journey can take the wind out of our sail.
And if we have been relying solely on our willpower and motivation, without a support system in place,
we may have been cheating ourselves of an awesome source of Experience,Strength, Hope and Guidance .
A resource that could help keep us on target. Re-enforce our motivation, and keep the Holy Grail within sight at all times.

 Going it alone without a support system has its pitfalls. Relying solely on ones own faculties and the marshaling of ones will is not necessarily a bad thing but we can sometimes falter.

 It is when we are not at our full strength, when we feel vulnerable, that we can begin to feel overwhelmed. We may start feeling alone, and feel as if there is no one there to help us.
A very scary place to be.

 If we have not cultivated a support system, and have relied solely on our willpower, we have really shut ourselves off from  a great source of empowerment. We never have to do things alone. There is always help if we have the humility to ask for it and seek it out.

 Are there exceptions when to do things alone is favorable? Yes of course. There are times where privacy and solitude may be required and even necessary.But one must always remain prudent,and a sense of discernment is still necessary.

 Let us also not forget the immense value that a believe in a Higher Power can afford us, a higher power as it pertains to ones belief system.This is a source of strength that has allowed men to move mountains.

 One fact that can not be understated is that this Higher Power (God as you understand him)works miracles through people.
This is the strength of belonging to a Community of people who share your vision and goals.
This is the strength that having a Mentor can provide.
If we forget our Why, We can fall back on the collective wisdom of our Community to help put us back on track. If we have developed a healthy relationship with a Mentor he or she can be an invaluable
source of strength and guidance.undefined

 In the common cause lies the strength to overcome obstacles, that we may not be able to overcome by our own power.
Mentors can provide the guidance that only experience can offer.
The Experience ,strength and hopes of another human being, that has traversed the path we are currently on, can be a godsend.

 A mentor and a Community of like-minded individuals can help us pinpoint and develop the reason that motivated us to start our journey.
We can learn to infuse our spirituality, and our personal development, into our education and our motivation in achieving our goals.

 Having people behind us can empower us to continue our path. It can provide the added impetus that keeps us from giving up too quickly before the miracle happens.
So reach out to others and in turn avail yourself to all who may need your help.
And you will see how much more, you move forward ,in your development.
And you will be on solid ground,moving towards your destination and the fulfillment of your dreams.

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