Do You Remember your first Steps ?? Do You Remember your child's first Steps ? Do You Remember your grandchild's first Steps ?

The one I remember most of all was our first grandchild's first steps.Steps-22

We had rented a cottage on Manitoulin Island right on it's own beach at Tobacco lake.  It was a beautiful bright sun shining day. The guys were putting up a large party tent in preparation for Dave's 60 th  Birth Day party. I was walking our 1st grandchild around holding her little hands in mine as she walked in front of me leading me on. the ground was uneven and sloped gently towards the lake. She propelled me going downhill towards the lake .

The little walking steps became faster as we headed down hill towards the water. I envisioned a fall coming as we speeded up uncontrollably , all I could think about was protecting our grandchild I picked her up in my arms as I was in motion and caudled her in my arms to protect her from harms way. Down we went on the beach rocks, our granddaughter was unscathed but very frightened and cried. 

I felt ok too but my nurse daughter encouraged me to lay still  on the ground for a few minutes. Upon getting up I realized I had gone over on my ankle  and twisted it. Twisting my ankle was a common occurrence for me when I played High School Basketball, Volleyball or Cheerleading.

My ankle was in pain but I knew it would heal.  My arm had an ugly opened cut filled with little rocks and my thumb felt smashed as if I had dislocated it. I was confident all would heal on it's own. Many health care professionals at the party the next day , were sure my thumb was broken  and my cut should have professional attention.

On hand we had an ambulance attendant, nurse practitioner, retired nurse and an emergency nurse. I waited a day then went to have me all checked out at the hospital in the town of Mindemoya on the Manitoulin Island.

Everyone was very kind and there were only a few people waiting for emergency attention. One senior lady had a blood pressure reading of 200/98 ready for a stroke in most people's estimation. She refused to stay against her daughters will , she had never stayed in a hospital and didn't feel sick. I also didn't feel sick and wondered if I should be there. The nurse put a special bandage on my cut arm that drew out the infection and a cast was put on my thumb after many x-rays of doctors opinions as to whether it was broken or not. Broken ThumbAfter 3 painful casts and feeling as if my thumb was sprained not broken, I got to see a specialist in Sudbury confirming my thumb was not broken.

The little beginning steps of our first born grandchild will always be remembered as an eventful learning experience as it brought new experiences into our lives.Footprint The first steps of any business will bring knowledge and experience to any one willing to take the first step that OUR MENTORS have us building on.

OUR MENTORS or Doctors will please you with Knowledge each step of the way.

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