How I Left The 9-5 Grind To Pursue Freedom

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If someone had told me 2 months ago that I would be quitting my call centre management job with no secure job lined up to go to, I would have told them they were mad! Especially seeing as I have 2 children and financial commitments, how could we possibly survive on just my partner's income?

After discovering an opportunity to learn about online marketing and how this could potentially mean an end to all future traditional jobs, achieve complete financial freedom and the ability to work from home -I felt it was certainly worthwhile looking into.

Coming up to 30 years old, I knew deep down that there was more to life than just working long hours and climbing the invisible corporate ladder that so many of us see as a measure of success.

My days from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturdays looked the same. Work, Home and Repeat! Annual leave being accrued so I could take a few short holidays during the year. Completely exhausted and frustrated, I knew that if I wanted to see a drastic change in my life, then I would need to make a drastic change in my approach.

After a family member had suggested I watch a free 7-day video series explaining what online marketing was and how anyone could use it to their advantage, I figured I had nothing to lose. After all, I was unhappy and I wanted the financial freedom that I saw many online marketers achieve. With curiosity and an open mind, I decided I would submit my application to start this online course and invested my $30. Looking back now, it was the best $30 I have ever spent!

Learning how to create an online business from scratch was extremely exciting however the most rewarding part was learning about my limiting mindset and the thought patterns that had bought me to that point in my life. I learnt that I could change my world completely by just changing my thoughts which ultimately shaped every life decision made. 

As I continued with the online course whilst still going to work and managing a household with a partner and 2 young children, it proved to be challenging. I was already seeing the benefits of my new marketing skills and going to work at that stage was becoming harder each day. I was in my creative flow and work just seemed to cut into that time. After finishing a shift at 8PM on a Tuesday night, I decided to sit down and look at our financial situation. I noticed with the money we were paying in the kids before and after school care plus daycare, that it could be possible to live off 1 income until our business was seeing some good results.

The next week at work I handed in my resignation. The craziest most rewarding decision I have ever made! Not only has it provided more time with my children but it has given me the ability to stay in my creative flow and work on our family business to help others.

If I could give advice to anyone stuck in a rut who has that same inner feeling that there is more to life then just work, I urge you to look at your options from a different perspective. If living a happy life means going to work for 10+ hours per day, then continue doing that. If not, explore more, do your research and most importantly follow that inner voice and cut through the limiting belief that it’s not possible!

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