How Many Buckets are you Carrying?

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Life as you know it is made up of buckets. You know, those elements of life: Work, Children, Partners, Wives, Husbands, Relationships, Health and Fittness, Friends, Family, Money ... most of you could add many more buckets to these mentioned here.

Take a moment to consider how many buckets you are carrying...

How Many Buckets are you Carrying

Can you relate to this scenario?

...You are at work but feeling guilty that you really need to spend more time with your children. The thought goes through your mind – do I really need to be at work? Maybe I can work part-time, maybe my boss will consider a work from home scenario? Why am I working? Do I really need to work? What are my children missing out on with me working? Is there another way...?

...Ooops and I am actually at work - so back to your work focus!

And that was just one bucket ... your Children!

When you are next with your children – really be with them, enjoy the time, truly take in what you are doing with them.

Be present.

Ignore all other distractions, ignore the phone, ignore the “I need to do such and such now or next, ignore the guilt chatter, ignore the mind monkey chatter” – just be YOU with your child and/or children.

Focus on this bucket ...those children 

Take a moment to totally enjoy time (yes it is ok, the rest of your to do list will get done!) Little children as you know too well will grow up so quickly - enjoy seeing life through the small childs eyes. Older children will love your undivided attention or telephone call to say hello and some of us are forever children at heart - regardless of our age and stage in life!

How Many Buckets are you Carrying

This connection will leave you feeling great AND with a renewed focus and energy to move onto the next bucket in the line up. 

Be Live Lifes Good







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