How To End Your Procrastination Forever

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The Disease Of Procrastination

There is a disease, that is sweeping the nation. There is a disease that is killing more dreams than all diseases combined. That disease is procrastination! You see, in our ego mind we like to talk about "someday." Someday I'll get out on the road and experience life. Someday I'll take a road trip with my family, someday I'll get that job, I'll get that money, or start that business. Someday things will change and I'll have the life I've always wanted. The truth is it will likely never happen. The road to someday leads to a place called nowhere, because on the road to someday you will always have more and more circumstances that will get in the way. What would your life look like if you let go of the story of how you can't, of how your a victim to someone or something? Because I promise you, that story is the thing that is in the way of your personal freedom and your personal power. It IS the thing that is in your way! When you let that all go you gain possibility. Sit in that question for a moment. What would it look like if you weren't so passionate about your story being true with a capital T?

Today this message is about reminding us all to get on the right road and to see and be with the magic of life because we will never get this day back. So many people went to bed last night thinking they would wake up this morning and they didn't. One day, that will happen to you and I. One day I won't wake up, and neither will you. So don't leave this world not having experienced all that you want to experience. Stop saying someday. If not now then when? We all have a gift inside of us that is being called forth. Don't leave this planet with that gift still inside of you. Until you decide to make it happen and step out on that ledge and have faith, and be persistent in your faith, you will never have anything happen in your life. Ever!

The Reasons We Procrastinate

If we really stop to think about it, there really is no such thing as procrastination. I recently asked a friend that was struggling with procrastination the following question. If I told you to meet me at my house tomorrow at 5:00 AM and I will give you 3 million dollars, where would you be? He said, " I would be there at 4:59..." So there really is no such thing as procrastination, I said. What is really happening is that it's not important enough to you... It's not meaningful enough to you, it's not urgent to you, and so you put it off. If its not important to you, then you are not going to make it a priority.

The other reason why we just can't get ourselves to do something that we know we should do is that often times we associate and link pain to whatever it is that we are putting off. If you are dreading the process, no one in their right mind would want to do it. That pain could be in the form of the discomfort of knowing that it is going to be a lot of work, maybe you think it is going to be stressful, or maybe it's going to take a lot of time and effort. So as long as you have pain attatched to doing the work whatever it is, then your likely not going to do it. The main reason people resist going to the gym to exercise for example, is because they associate pain with exercise. So how do we change all this?

Finding Your Whyundefined

So what we all have to do is find out how we can make whatever we are trying to do more meaningful, so it will stick. The real difference between "succesful" people and those that do not achieve their dream is that the succesful people know their WHY. They have a compelling reason why they are doing what they are doing. This reason should be personal, it should be exciting, and should have some spiritual component. Your why ideally should be bigger than just you. It could be anything as long as it drives you to do what you need to do. What is it that you love about what you do? Is it the impact that it has or will have on other people, or is it the process and work itself that lights you up? Until I realized that I am here to help other people live their dream, I never really had a reason to do what i did. Find your why! If you want to feel that motivation running through your body, if you want to elevate your performance, your going to have to find some different fuel. You can't keep running off of that some day I'll make it garbage. Dig deep and look for that reason why you started in the first place. Ask yourself, who are you doing this for other than yourself. When you are doing it for something or someone other than yourself, putting it off is not an option. 

Changing Our Perceptionundefinedundefined

We experience life through our own perception. Perception is nothing more that a filter of how we see and interpret things. Nothing in the universe is inherintly good or bad, it just is. The meaning and the way we interpret things is what makes any event "good or bad." Ask yourself what am I focusing on, pain or pleasure, because whatever you focus on is what you will get. If you are procrastinating you are focused on the pain. So whatever pain you are associating with what you are putting off, you can either lower that pain by changing your perception of it, or by increasing your desire so that the desire for doing what it is you are trying to do is greater than the pain. The best way to increase desire is to find your why which we already discussed.

A great way to change your perception is to think about the consequences of not doing it, as well as the pleasure it will give you by doing it. So ask yourself, by not doing this, what will it cost me in my life? What will I miss out on if I can't make myself do this? Once you can link more pain to not doing something, you are much more likely to take action. You also want to build up reasons for the benefit of doing it. How will you feel when you are done? How much closer will you be to fullfilling your ultimate vision? Having the right perception is an absolute game changer!

Taking Action

The last step to ending your procrastination is to simply take action. Pretty straight forward right? The thing is when it comes to taking action, most of us want to skip to the end. You see, Rome and the pyramids of Egypt for example, were not built in one day. They were built with what they could do in a day. In the same way, your dream life will not be built in a day. There is a reason why we have all heard the expression "Rome was not built in one day." It is a reminder that things take time and effort to develop, but, ironically enough, it is human nature to want to minimize time and effort. Our human brain evolved that way to help us survive. Brilliant really, but just surviving will not bring us fullfilment.

It's all about the small steps we do daily. Brick by brick by brick is what gets it done. It is necessary to realize that everything that manifests in this world first started with a vision. Rome, before it was Rome started with a vision of what it could be. And then the real work began. As humans when we have a dream we want to go from the vision stage to the end result in an instant. Literally the moment we think about our dream, we want to go from there to a Lebron James, or Steve Jobbs. We don't see all the hours of grueling practice behind the scenes, or that Steve Jobbs was actually fired from his own company. We just want to go from the moment it hits us to the end result. I know I did. We all have to crawl before we walk. The thing is that we can't skip the process. Even if we could, we would not be able to appreciate what we have accomplished because we did not put in the work to get it. 

Enjoy The Process

Life is a process. We are always in the process of doing something. That is really all that life is. So, if you can't enjoy the process then you are not honoring life. 

The biggest part of success is the journey. If your not feeling good during it, your missing out on all the happiness, because the happiness comes from progress. At the end of your life, it's not about what you get it's about who you became in the process of your life. At your funeral as people gather around to honor you and celebrate you and your life they are not going to talk about the house you had or the car. They are going to talk about who you were, what qualities you had and what your mission and purpose was. They are going to talk about what your life was about and what you gave and contributed to those around you and the planet. These are things I think about every day.  

So if you know your why, and have the right perception and focus, then you will always have the fuel you need to move forward and enjoy the process along the way. 

If you resonate with this message then I invite you to share it with those who you think could benefit from it, because we all deserve to live our best life. If you would like to know more about how I got started living my best life then I invite you to click on the link below. 


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