10 Tips On How To Work From Home With Children Around!

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The water ran red with…ink as I washed her hands in the sink 

Yes, I had gotten too engrossed in my laptop, trying to work from home with the children around can sometimes be impossible!!  I had taken my eye off of my little 2 year old girl, Grace, a second too long.  She had been very quiet for Mummy, what a good girl I thought! She had coloured herself in completely with red pen!  Hands, legs, face, everything! Washable ink my Ass!

After Grace was scrubbed up, and came out of the bathroom a new hue of girly pink where the ”washable” ink had not completely washed off, and the tiles had been scrubbed to get the “washable” ink out of the grout, I realised that she has just turned 2 and now has a mind of her own to dream up all sorts of mischief.  I love that she is developing into a little independent character, but maybe not when I need to send a couple of emails or finish something off!

As I sat down and admired the rest of her artistic endeavours on the sitting room, I realised that with my first child (now 7 year old Archie), I did a lot more to keep him entertained while I worked when he was small.  So, I got the dusty old brain fired up and the old tricks I used to use have really helped! Plus I found a few well researched tricks online for good measure too!

How to work from home with the children around

1.       Get them their own work space next to you!

Get a small kiddy size desk and put it next to yours, (this is my little girl, “working” beside me at home).  They can then feel grown up with you, you can see what they are doing and they have their own space to draw, paint and craft whilst being close to you.  No one feels left out!