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People, lying dead on the ground. Facebook feeds with photos of a bloodied killer. People maneuvering around bloodied bodies, checking pulses for life with one hand while filming with the other. Retribution. Gun Lobbyists. Politicians. Anger. Madness. Pain...

Who is to blame? Where should we direct our anger? Should we empower Governments further? Install more CCTV cameras?

As a collective species, we are sick. Not well. And it shows in our world.

There is no excuse for violence and aggression, but blaming and surface level solutions aren't working. They haven't for a long, long time. We need to get to the core issues behind the actions because unless we do any solution will be temporary. History tells us that.

For someone, anyone to get to a level of self-execution, while taking out as many people along the way, there must be something wrong. And it's not just them. The Crazed Gunman, Terrorists, Dictators, Genocides are Humanities common illness left untreated. Untreated, laying hidden deep within our collective psyche. Forgotten, dormant, until an atrocity occurs in front of us.

We're in Pain.


Human Beings.

And when you're in pain, you are not right. The program running inside your head is out of alignment.

When you are not well, Life is not well. To be in pain for a little while is difficult, but to be in pain over a sustained period does something to you. It distorts your view of Life. It sucks. When Life sucks day in day out, you begin to question the Value of Life. And if your Life sucks, everybody else's must also, right?

What's the point of Living?

Mental illness in the world is at an unprecedented high. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorders heading the list. And the current Mental System does not work. We have a snuff and dull system at best. Patients assessed intellectually, grouping them into names. Names we give them because we don't understand. And our best effort to treat them is through medication. Shut em up and put them in a room.

Over the last 30 years, I have been in and out of mental institutions for someone dear to me. It has been frustrating, excruciating and heartbreaking. While I have come across incredibly caring human beings, my experience with the law, our level of understanding of the human psyche and soul is one of lack. Meeting after meeting, diagnosis after diagnosis, prescription after prescription in a system that frustrates carers and workers ultimately leaving patients doped up, locked up drowsy in rooms and buildings isolated from the world.

Our system is broken.

We are broken.

Our level of consciousness and understanding is inadequate. We just want the problem to go away. Get it out of our site. But it doesn't go away. Does it? World scale events that shock the world don't just happen overnight. Deep unconscious unresolved Traumas, festering in the background for years until the person cannot live with it anymore.

We must try to understand and see beyond the surface. The problem is not isolated but universal. You may think it has nothing to do with you, but it does.

We have enough food to feed the World...Why don't we?
We have the necessary technology to resolve all problems...Why don't we?
We can stop the immediate manufacture of guns and weapons...Why don't we?

We don't because we are still unconscious. We expect someone else to fix things for us. And we want to blame them for not fixing it, excusing our responsibility in the process. Collectively we cannot claim that we are healthy, stable, functioning at our best with the highest intention for each other and the planet.

The world and everything that happens in it is a reflection of where we are together.


And unless we take responsibility to awaken and become conscious of our mental state, the actual state of the world, then world news will continue to shock us.

We breathe the same air. We drink the same water.

The state of our world is the state of our collective consciousness.

Reclusing ourselves in our comfortable plush lounge rooms away from our neighbors, friends, and family will not stop what is happening in the world.

Human beings have committed atrocities not because of a healthy state of mind, but because of the opposite. Finger pointing only keeps unconsciousness alive, dismissing our part in it, keeping us distanced in the process.

Until it happens to us...

A healthy mind is one that naturally exudes peace, calm, joy, contentment.

This is normal!

If you are not experiencing this on a daily basis, then there is something fundamentally wrong within your system.

Children don't naturally want to hurt others. They want to play. Play with anyone, particularly other children. Black, white, small, large they don't care. They just want to connect.

What happened to us?

Pain happened!

Incidents, traumas, shutting us down, building walls in the process. Barriers that keep anyone from causing us pain again! The problem is, we forgot. Failed relationships, marriage breakdown, work meltdown, remind us.

If you are not happy, peaceful, completely at ease for no reason whatsoever, then there are unresolved issues running within you. And these unresolved issues collectively determine the state of our world.

Solutions exist for every problem in the world, but until our mind grows, we can not implement them. Technology is advanced, but our minds are not. The supercomputer that has created everything needs our attention.

It needs healing.

And healing requires personal responsibility, acknowledgment, and courage. A revolution is happening right now, and you are the revolutionary.

You. Me. We need to step up. We need to take responsibility for our state and get back to our natural state of Happiness.

Gun control won't solve the problem, nor will more prisons, or harsher laws.


Healthy awake Human Beings functioning at optimum levels. This is what the world needs. When you are happy, the world is happy. When we are well, the world is well.

Are you with me?

The choice is always yours, but I hope you are. Because the world more than ever needs you! The happy, naturally content you.

You may need to work at it, but this is real action. Action toward higher consciousness on the planet. A consciousness that is awake, aware, consciously living with pure intent.

And that intent is Love.

-Sotir Ivanovski  

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