Is Asking Enough?

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Is Asking Enough?


"Ask and you shall receive."

"If you never ask, the answer will always be no."

We often hear/see these sayings all around us these days. Personal development has become like a second nature to those who want to achieve anything in life. And it makes sense too, right! How can we expect what we want if we don't even have the courage or awareness to ask for it.

But honestly, do you think just asking would do the trick! Who do you ask, is an important part of the equation which if ignored, no matter how much you ask will not get you results you want.

Did you notice, whenever we are in some kind of Dilemma, we turn to our immediate circle of close family and friends without even thinking about it. And our logic behind it goes like this...they know us well, and they are our well-wishers. if we ask them they would definitely give us insightful answers.

All this while, completely forgetting and neglecting that one person who knows us like no one else, or at least supposed to know us like no one else. Howcome, we never think of turning to that one person ever when we encounter a question mark in our lives?

Our very own self!

We tend to put more trust in our family and friends. I think we as a society has been so programmed to look for answers outside of us. We never think of that one valuable resource that we all have access to but never tend to even acknowledge it, let alone use it to our advantage.

Finding your keys in the right place...

I remember a funny story that Wayne Dyer once shared in one of his seminars. A man lost his keys while doing something in  the house. He started looking for it but suddenly electricity goes away. He noticed nice and bright streetlight outside the house. He decides to go outside and look for the keys. Does it not makes sense to look for keys in nice bright light instead of looking for it in the dark?

I chuckled when I heard the story and so did the rest of the audience in the seminar.

It doesn't really take much to see that he will never find the key outside the house when it was lost in the house. Not hard to understand at all. But when to comes to us, we make all kind of excuses.

Such a simple concept, if we understand it and one that can become our guiding light for rest of our lives. Then life won't feel like a struggle anymore. It would be one that we look up to every day of our life.

And all that's needed is us and our willingness to spend some time with ourselves. Honour and respect our own self and I promise it will give even more respect in return.

Instead of circling around the same issue getting the same results, feeling frustrated and then finally dropping "I am giving up" bomb, why not try this new approach. Looking inside instead of outside for our answers. It makes a lot of sense to me! Does it makes sense to you?

Let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear what you have to say!

Arsh Bajwa

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