It's all the RAGE - a change in strong moral mindset is paramount to success in a career change

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This time of year in the Southern hemisphere, flocks of young millennials head for the coast, seeking the never-ending party, the conquest for beautiful bikini-clad babes, and a reason to celebrate the end of their schooling careers.

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With that comes competition for the ultimate prize, the conquest for the fairer sex, the challenge of one’s “pulling power”.

Guard against……..

·        Being overcome by your Ego.

·        Comparing yourself to others; your appearance has no reflection of your true inner worth.

·        Jealousy and envy; you too will have your day.

·        Expectation; this way you can never be disappointed.

·        Entitlement; remove it from your vocabulary.

·        Pride; as you know, cometh before the fall.

·        Limited self-belief, you are good enough.

·        Prolonged alcohol abuse, it removes things from your life, including your Dignity.

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·        Embrace the change to freedom, it’s your most valuable commodity.

·        Affirm out loud, your unlimited potential.

·        Believe in your dreams, they are attainable.

·        Make out for love, not instant gratification.

·        Listen to others’ conversation, it’s the epitome of respect .

·        Do something kind for someone, every day, without others knowing.

·        But most of all, CHOOSE to think positive thoughts.

·        Your thoughts determine your outcomes.

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