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Already time for Christmas!

I'm so looking forward to it. We are going to have a calm Christmas just with the family. Except on Christmas Eve when we are going to eat a Swedish smorgasbord on a restaurant with friends. Maybe Santa will visit us there also?! ;-)

It's raining here in Gran Canaria right now. I love it! To be able to just be inside for a change. Although I feel so sorry for those who come here over Christmas to get sun.

The excitement from my kids is spreading to everyone in the family. Since we don't have any relatives here in Gran Canaria, they have sent us money for us to buy Christmas presents for the kids.

Hope everyone will get satisfied!

I intend to relax and give myself Christmas Holiday together with the kids. 

Christmas is also the time of the year when most of us think of people in need, a little extra. So many people in the world live in war and don't even have food for the day. For us fortunate it's impossible to even imagine their lives and the struggle they must go through.

I help children in need in other countries every month through a Swedish charity organisation. I think it's important to help if you can. If all give something it will be a lot in the end.

Now I'm going to give the people who work in the community where I live, some presents. They really keep everything clean, take care of the maintenance of the area and are always so nice. 


Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas! ❤️

All The Best

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer