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Hi everyone.... my name is Eduardo Alfonso Correa, I was born in Panama, Central America, a small country between Costa Rica and Colombia with a 4 million population, multi culture and all religion in the same ground. So here is a very interesting place to establish, make business and have fun.


I studied accounting in high school and continued same carrier in college, but it became a boring job, not for me, so I decided to switch to sales and began studying Interior Design that was more interesting and a challenge for me to offer a service that potentials creativity and give my clients satisfaction for a better living.

So here I am, with 18 years giving my clients better and comfortable homes and offices. I founded LIVING STUDIO in 2001 offering all interior design and remodeling services, like says my flyer in spanish because I´m in Panama:


Take a look to my website and get your eyes amused:

So let´s begin sharing interesting articles and tips about what I do in the next blogs.

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